Fork & Spoon Cafe


A cafe that specialises in a wide array of Asian and Western cuisine at an affordable price.

A cafe that offers a wide range of food to suit your likings, their food recommended in the menu was undeniably good and worth a try.

ChristineLeng posted 450 Reviews

Gee Seng Seafood Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Seafood
Business Hour 11am - 11pm

We go to this restaurant whenever we go to Bukit Tambun for seafood. Cheap and good!!!


sunflower posted 280 Reviews

Restaurant Jeffery

Cuisines Chinese

We were served with a starter a bowl of bitter gourd chicken soup (F.O.C).

hAppYHapPy posted 740 Reviews

Kedai Kopi Ming Sing

Cuisines Chinese

This place was affectionately named “Kai Tau” – i.e. Chicken Coop by my colleagues because it was incredibly cramped and yet packed to the rafters, every work day, during lunch time.

CCFoodTravel posted 498 Reviews

Restoran Pokemon Noodle House

Cuisines Chinese

It was indeed a lovely bowl of noodle with tasty soup (msg strong), yummy bites of anchovies, lean meat, mushroom and veggies.

hAppYHapPy posted 740 Reviews

Angus House

Cuisines Western
Business Hour open from 1130 till 4pm (3pm last orders) for lunch and 6 to 11pm (10pm last orders) for dinner.

There are 6 Angus's in the region; in Kuala Lumpur, in Indonesia, and in Singapore. Angus Charcoal Grill Steakhouse is Japanese owned and operated This restaurant is located at the top floor of Pavilion. This would be a good choice for beef lovers, no harm giving it a try!

These steaks are so good, they taste like wagyu!

CCFoodTravel posted 498 Reviews

Kanna Curry House

Cuisines Mamak
Business Hour Open 7 days a week 7am to 10pm.

Now eating banana leaf rice is no longer cheap. It easily cost from RM 8 – RM 30 per person depending on what items you add on.

taufulou posted 674 Reviews


Cuisines Taiwanese
Business Hour 10.00am - 10.00pm

This restaurant serve Taiwanese Cuisine from Pear Milk Tea to Taiwan Noodles.

Another discovery of affordable food. Contented with ourselves!

ChristineLeng posted 450 Reviews

Mama's Kitchen

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11am to 3pm for lunch, 6pm to 10.30pm for dinner Closed On Thursday

The branch out of Jalan Sultan’s Seng Kee Restaurant which famous and pioneer for claypot Lou Shee Fun. The restaurant owns by the same family and the taste are similiar with the original recipe. This restaurant serves more variety of dishes compared to the original Seng Kee’s. They serve rice and “Tai Chow” also besides the famous claypot lou shee fun and the wantan mee with fried garlic roast pork.

We ended with the Sui Kao Soup where the pulpy sui kao (RM 1.20 per pc (min 5 pcs))which is wrapped with ingredients in it is simply good. Comes pulpy and filled with the juicy bites!

pamela_ybc posted 997 Reviews

Restoran Weng Soon Jaya (新永顺茶餐室)

Cuisines Chinese

The verdict? Boleh tahan lah. But I still prefer the ones at Seri Kembangan

small kucing posted 554 Reviews

2046 Café & Restaurant

Cuisines Local

This restaurants is opened until late night which convenient for supper. Service and food was quite average. Besides food, they sell paintings and souvenirs.

Service was quite average. Not bad for its food, gonna try out different food next time!

wenching_86 posted 208 Reviews

Restoran Chui Moon

Cuisines Chinese

The food here is good and pricing very reasonable; highly recommended for a try.

hAppYHapPy posted 740 Reviews

Fusion Haven

Cuisines Asian Fusion

They offer a wide variety of food, probably unheard by many. It might be interesting to check them out. We might go back for more, perhaps some time when we are back in KL.

wenching_86 posted 208 Reviews

Hau kee Seafood Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines chinese
Business Hour 4.00pm-2.00am

This place is popular among the Cheras residents but at the same time also attracted many other food-goers around. It was very packed during dinner time.

Parking is horrible-double and triple parking. But the good food make up for it.

low.b.leong posted 474 Reviews


Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Weekday 11am to 10.00pm / Weekend 10.30am to 10.00pm

The restaurant is famous for its 'xiao long bao', noodles and other 'small eats' ('siu sek'). All of them look so adorable and deserves a thumbs up


Eaten here more than 5 years ago, not particularly impressed with the quality of the food given the price :(

d_luaz posted