babylightning reviewed O & S Coffee Shop @ Taman Paramount

RM6.50, yummy though wishing there is more cockles
babylightning reviewed Ttua Mark Pan Mee @ Ttua Mark

Overall, worth a try, a good pan mee nonetheless.
babylightning reviewed Rocku Yakiniku @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

I had not high hope for this place but was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. The seafood especially is the main draw for me to visit here again in future.
babylightning reviewed Flight Club @ Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Overall, i like this restaurant for its comfortable environment, Free WIFI etc, dishes which i recommend are firstly their must-try cempedak ice cream and white sesame ice cream. Other dishes to order are the cold tomato soup, caesar salad, beef cheek and grilled sutchi fillet.
babylightning reviewed Oiso Korean Restaurant @ Cheras Leisure Mall

Overall, it is a nice place to go when you are craving korean food without wanting to splurge.
babylightning reviewed Ichiriki Japanese Restaurant @ The Gardens

My Buta kimuchi set, pork in kimchi soup, the soup is pale is color and not much kimchi, but everything are tasty, and was full to brim after finishing everything
babylightning reviewed Restaurant Nelson Tan @ Kepong

Overall, not really my cup of tea but it is nice dining as a group trying all the korean/japanese inspired dishes
babylightning reviewed Ying Ker Lou @ Pavilion KL

Spicy pig stomach noodle soup, i think the pig stomach has gone bad as the first taste of the soup is not a pleasant one, also the soup is not spicy enough (from white pepper) and not fragrant.
babylightning reviewed Shi Yue Tian Claypot Chicken Rice @ Bandar Puchong Jaya

Overall, i still prefer Choong Kee Kampar claypot chicken rice in SS22/25 Damansara Jaya.
babylightning reviewed Dave's Bistro Bar & Grill @ 1 Utama (One Utama) Shopping Centre

Overall, a nice place to go for pork dishes, the nacho is really value for money as it is cheesy and big portion, siew yuk is must order.
babylightning reviewed Valentine Roti @ Jalan Semarak

Not breath-takingly rice, but one of the nicer roti canai in town.
babylightning reviewed Low Maji @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

A very unique steamboat restaurant serving healthy and nice soup base with half a winter melon in it.
babylightning reviewed Wild Sheep Chase Cafe @ Taman Desa

Waffle, RM13 with early grey whipped cream and osmanthus maple syrup this is not the light fluffy kind of waffle, but made with yeast and more dense and bread-y. It is quite nice actually.
babylightning reviewed Quiznos Cafe @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

I find the pizza crust is just ok. My whole wheat bread is good, i was expecting subway-ish bread whereby their whole wheat bread looks slightly brown but still soft in texture, but this is more baguette-y in texture, it is toast till crusty and much nicer than the whole wheat of subway.
babylightning reviewed Sri Melaka @ Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad

Affordable local dessert eaten in a comfortable air conditioned restaurant.
babylightning reviewed Snowflake @ Paradigm Mall

Taroballs Red bean, couldn’t even finish it as it is too sweet
babylightning reviewed D’Italiane Kitchen @ Kelana Jaya

All the food we chosen are light, sourish and very appetising, the waiters are very attentive and knowledgeable to recommend dishes. This place warrants a revisit!
babylightning reviewed Sangkaya – Nuts About Coconuts @ Ampang Point Shopping Centre

Menu, they have coconut ice cream, thai milk tea ice cream, blended coconut shake, coconut water etc
babylightning reviewed Thai Syok Authentic Thai Street Food @ Wisma Central

Overall, i don’t really like the food here.