neko1712 reviewed Nabe Bakery Cafe @ Jalan Ampang Putra

Most attractive of such places is the smell of coffee and fresh bread wafting away in the shop.
neko1712 reviewed Croisette Cafe Bistro & Pastry Corner @ Cascadium Condominum

Price wise, Croisette is not very expensive and most dishes are around RM20 but less than RM30. However if you don't mind the wait and enjoy the chit chat while waiting for your grub this is a good place to be. I don't mind coming back to try the Coq Au Vin and other french dishes.
neko1712 reviewed The Smokehouse @ Bangsar Baru

For those who are craving for decent Thai food but ain't willing to fly to BKK just yet, try the Old Smokehouse.
neko1712 reviewed Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant @ Taman Persiaran Desa

If you want some nice eats at reasonable prices, Robson Heights Seafood won't disappoint.
neko1712 reviewed Brux-Ale Belgian Bistro @ Bangsar Baru

If you are hankering for beers around other parts of Europe, try out Brux Ale. Sure not to disappoint.
neko1712 reviewed Restoran Green View @ Jalan 19

As the old school restaurants in Petaling Jaya, for a mildly luxurious meal ( as in high cholesterol kind ), this would be the right place.
neko1712 reviewed Coffee Chemistry Cafe @ Sunway Giza

Overall, I am quite impressed that their tiny kitchen, can whip up pretty good food for a reasonable price.
neko1712 reviewed Waroeng Mas Timoer @ Sunway Giza

It's not a bad place to eat, not very pricey in my opinion.
neko1712 reviewed Wong Kee Pudu Siew Yoke @ Pudu

While the shop does serve roast chicken and BBQ pork, i heard it cannot compared to this roasted wonder. Price is also a wonder, it's RM15 a strip. But it is quite worth the money though.
neko1712 reviewed Restorant Leung Kee @ Jalan USJ10/1D

I like the noodles here in Leung Kee because it's not too big, not too small, not too sticky... and the sauce is not cloying.
neko1712 reviewed Causeway Bay Spicy Crab 铜锣湾辣蟹莊 @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Definitely coming back here a second time to try the variety of dishes Mashi mentions in the menu. That i didn't get to see. By the way, they have this awesomesauce Honey drink. Order that if you are bored of the usual tea.
neko1712 reviewed Riblee's @ Desa Sri Hartamas

I am definitely going back to try the rest of the menu. Note that if you like fish, they also have other types of meats, don't despair.
neko1712 reviewed Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd @ Damansara Utama

For one the places is pretty packed and to move around juggling your camera and the tight place squeeze is tough! But hopefully, i can get a second time here in the place :) think the parents will like this place.
neko1712 reviewed Leonardo's Dining Room & Wine Loft @ Bukit Bandaraya

We had a great time that day, actually we were pretty loud discussing TVB/Korean dramas much to my brother's boredom.
neko1712 reviewed Skewers BBQ & Grill @ Subang Avenue

Overall, if you want a place to chat at the same time grab a quick bite but not a small bite, Skewers can't go wrong.
neko1712 reviewed La Suisse @ Bukit Damansara

The waiters and waitress were extra friendly, probably because we were the only people there.