wenching_86 reviewed Kura Japanese Restaurant 蔵 @ First Avenue

I loved it! ... Both sashimi were delicious, we enjoyed the starters a lot!
wenching_86 reviewed Yummy Duck Roast House 鸭味无穷 @ Dynasty Central

I enjoyed the noodles a lot, which was fine, springy and complemented well with the roast dish.
wenching_86 reviewed Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau 老黄芽菜鸡沙河粉 @ Jalan Yau Tet Shin

I was very happy with my dining experience in Lou Wong and will definitely return for more in the future!
wenching_86 reviewed Baba Low @ Bangsar

It was quite an interesting discovery in Bangsar. For those who love Nyonya food, this place is worth a shot. Also worth checking out was their Cendol, which I’ve read a couple of good reviews about it.
wenching_86 reviewed San Terri Cottage Cafe @ Hartamas Shopping Center

San Terri was quite a nice place for dessert and afternoon tea. I would definitely revisit for more snacks and desserts in the future!
wenching_86 reviewed Bistro Fiore @ Plaza Damas

Overall, I liked this place a lot, a very nice hang out place for us and lots of good memories with my colleagues. I would recommend this place for my readers and I will always revisit this place in the future.
wenching_86 reviewed Kushiyaki Kuni @ Plaza Damas

Overall I really enjoy dining in this restaurant. Service was good and food was fresh, authentic and delicious, a very relaxing place for a drink!
wenching_86 reviewed The Brew Culture @ Plaza Damas 3

Two thumbs up for their service as well, the owners were extremely friendly and nice to talk to. Do check it out if you like coffee or simply looking for a place to chill with friends.
wenching_86 reviewed Yakitori Do (焼き鳥道) @ Solaris Mont Kiara

I really enjoy dining in this place, it’s an extra advantage that it opens until late everyday. As for drinks, Yakitori Do serves a variety of Sake, Shochu and Japanese beers. One of my favourite beers would be their Sapporo beer.
wenching_86 reviewed Senjyu @ Bangsar Village II

We had a pleasant dining experience in Senjyu and wouldn’t mind revisiting the restaurant again. The food was good and the price was reasonable given the fine ambience and the quality of the food.