El Iberico

Cuisines Spanish
Business Hour 10:00AM - 12:00AM

El Iberico is “The new pig on the block”, is a casual full-service restaurant that specializes in Iberico pork. The Iberian Pork is fully imported from the gastronomy of Spain’s Iberian Peninsula. The superb quality of the meat is controlled by the climate, their freedom to roam outdoors and their acorns diet which gives the meat a wonderful nutty flavor.

After reading about the 50% opening promotion of iberico ribs at a newly opened month-old Spanish inspired restaurant, there was no way I'd forego such a great deal, so here we were at El Iberico @ Pavilion. Even though I was disappointed that the ribs didn't turn out looking quite as spectacular as the ones I saw online, I wasn't disappointed with the taste. And because the ribs were half the price, there's definitely no cause for complaint as it's one heck of a deal! Now if I were to pay full price for these ribs (now that the opening promotion is over), I'll probably be more critical in my assessment. I'd like the ribs to be bigger or longer and I'd want them looking more like the ones from Gourmet Hunter KL's video shown on El Iberico's Facebook.....and with a tad more roasted vegetables! :P I might return at some point but hopefully by then there'd be better consistency in the size and fattiness of the normal priced ribs. I'll definitely not be happy if I get even one overly fatty rib. That isn't too much to ask, is it? Hope not. ^_~

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BMS Organics - MyTown Shopping Centre

Cuisines Vegetarian
Business Hour 10:00AM - 10:00PM

Organic & natural health products, Organic & natural grooming/beauty products, Fresh Organic produces ( vegetables & fruits), Organic kitchen essentials and equipments. NOTHING ARTIFICIAL!

This Mid-Autumn Festival, send your love one the BMS Organic Mooncakes that would even please the most health-conscious eaters. Thanks for the invitation as I get to attend BMS Organic’s mood cake event, introducing their range of healthy vegetarian organic mooncakes.

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Spoon Cafe

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 50 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines International

Bring your family, friends and loved ones for a delicious Japanese themed buffet dinner at Spoon Cafe. The contemporary and stylish cafe located at level 2 in G Hotel Kelawai is offering the buffet dinner with fully-fledged Japanese cuisines. The Japanese Buffet Dinner is available every Friday and Saturday from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, and it comes in at a wallet-friendly RM105 per person. Children from age 6 to 12 years old and senior citizens 60 years and above can enjoy the meal at RM78. Guests can opt for free flow of house beer or wine by just adding on RM65 per person.

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Pudu Chan Fatt Wanton Mee 珍發半山芭雲吞麵

Cuisines Noodle Chinese
Business Hour Monday - Friday: 10:00AM - 10:00PM Saturday - Sunday: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Specialty char siew and sui gau wanton mee stall since 1955

During our meal, I noticed a steady stream of elderly folks here. Maybe this older generation is familiar with the good ol' wantan mee taste back in 1996 (before the original owners retired) and are happy to be able to savour it again. However, my experience with this four-decade old wantan mee with a 62-years history ended with me not liking their speciality of wanton mee, char siew and sui kow (which they're famous for) as much. Let's just say the char siew isn't their strong suit. It's funny how a place didn't wow me with their signature dishes but with something else. If I had to rate my favourites, it'd be the lion head meatball noodles first followed by the homemade Chinese pork & liver sausage rice and fried sui kow! ^o^ These, I felt, were the better bets here (at least for me).

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Excapade Sushi

Cuisines Japanese Sushi Halal
Business Hour 11:00AM - 10:00PM

It has been 2 years since the last time I visited Miri. I see a lot of new buildings, new malls and new beaches that are opened. I am truly happy to see the Oil Town Miri is back to its glory. At Tanjong Lobang Beach, there is a new chained Japanese restaurant which is originated at Brunei. It is called Excapade Sushi Japanese Restaurant. Now they have expanded to Miri. I used to dine in this restaurant at Brunei which you can check out the post here.

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Green Flow 頂好茶餐室

Cuisines Chinese Asian
Business Hour 8:30AM - 2:00PM Closed on alternate Thursday

Chicken Rice is one of the Malaysian staple comfort food, everyone has his/her own favorite(s). To pick the best will likely stir up a passionate debate but let's agree to disagree, this hauntingly mouth-watering Malaysian delight is never easy to cook and has no definite recipe to it. For a plate of simple, straight-forward Chicken Rice; navigate your way to Restaurant Green Flow (頂好茶餐室) at Pekan Lama, Sungai Petani (Kedah). This is definitely one of the long-established ones around; with more than 38 years of experience (since 1979), this humble stall has garnered an appreciate following, most coming for their remarkably luscious Chicken (the stall is known as 喜相逢爱芬鸡饭). But a good Chicken Rice is not just about the Chicken, purists will argue that the flavored-Rice and the addictive Chili dip is part of the package.... and this stall has it all.

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Encore Patisserie Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour (Tue-Sat) 12pm-12am / (Sun) 10am-12am / Closed on Mondays

One of the most affordable Hi Tea in town, Encore offers 3-tiers high tea stand, together with a pot of tea of your choice at only RM50! And this can feed 2-3 pax! And this is really a steal ENCORE HI TEA SET RM50 for 2 Available Daily 12pm – 7pm

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San Nae Deul - Nexus Bangsar South

Cuisines Korean BBQ
Business Hour 12:00PM - 3:00PM, 6:00PM - 10:00PM

The BBQ buffet promotion is so tempting at San Nae Deul! With ONLY RM39 ++, you can feasting like a king! Be spoiled by the huge selection of food and unlimited refill from the buffet spread, all one needs for a satisfying Korean BBQ meal! BBQ Buffet Lunch: 11.30am- 3pm | Dinner: 5.30pm- 11pm List of San Nae Deul Buffet Prices >> http://bit.ly/2tqTdq7 Lunch 【MON- FRI】Adult: RM 39+ Child: RM 20+ Lunch 【SAT- SUN & PUBLIC HOLIDAY】Adult: RM 45+ Child: RM 25+ Dinner 【MON-SUN】Adult: RM 45+ Child: RM 25+

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Cuisines Chinese Halal
Business Hour Monday to Saturday – 12noon to 2.30pm Sunday & Public Holiday – 11am to 2.30pm Dinner – 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Har Kao (Prawn Dumplings). These ones were juicy and were stuffed with big fat prawns! DELICIOUS!

Chynna is celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with handcrafted gourmet mooncakes. The snow skin lotus paste and salted egg yolk mooncake delivers a delicate & experimental flavours, while the baked lotus paste and salted egg yolk are the best pick for those who would like a traditional taste of our culture. Available for purchase at the hotel lobby from now till 8 October 2017

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Mitsuyado Seimen - The Starling 三ツ矢堂製麺

Cuisines Japanese Ramen
Business Hour Monday - Friday: 11:30AM - 2:30PM, 6:00PM - 9:30PM Saturday - Sunday: 11:30AM - 9:30PM

In Japan, there are more than 1038 types of wheats that can be used to make noodles. We use only the most premium domestic wheat to make our delicious noodles. This homemade premium grade noodles are smooth and yet chewy with a hint of the wheat’s aroma. Our noodles are produced under the strictest quality control in our store allowing us to present the best possible noodles to you. They are left to age and only boil when they are ready. We strongly recommend you try one or two plain noodles first (i.e. without any dippings), in order to distinguish our noodles with the others.

After reading PH's post about the Yuzu dipping broth I had to try it because I like the taste of Yuzu so there I was at Mitsuyado SeiMen, Starling Mall to eat Tsukemen (dipping ramen/noodles).

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Alison Soup House

Cuisines Asian
Business Hour 11am - 10pm Closed on Monday

Soup is the ultimate comfort food with a wealth of ingredients in a bowl to nourish us with every sip. Serving REAL Soup made only with fresh ingredients, brew over 15 hrs with strictly 0 MSG. Instagram: @alisonfookl Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alisonsouphouse/

As the name implies, Alison Soup House focuses mainly on Chinese soup with modern Western twist. Some of them are soup we grown up drinking with like Honey Date ABC Soup, White Pepper Pork soup, 7 Treasure Herbal Soup, Red Dates Shitake Mushroom Chicken, Yellow Wine Ginger Chicken Soup and Seaweed Chicken Tofu Soup. Few of the selections are quite new to us, like Spicy Drunken Pork Soup, Puck Manis Minced Pork Soup, Pumpkin Enoki Mushroom Soup.

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Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11am to 10pm (Monday to Friday); 10.30am to 10pm (Saturday and Sunday).

The restaurant is famous for its ‘xiao long bao’, noodles and other ‘small eats’ (‘siu sek’). All of them look so adorable and deserves a thumbs up


The foods is not freshly cook from the chef entirely fake dishes that have been cook and done ready to serve kind of things. And I don't like service too sucks hired all those dummy. Very bad you all should hire those who can speaks mandarin, Shanghai language, English and Japanese as well like all these crap peoples working. It become like mix Malaysia cuisine suppose is a shanghainese cuisine. So hope you hire. And I know one guy whose can really give me a limit. He's talented his name irawan he's good he can speaks a lot of languages. But I didn't see him now where is he is he been transfer. He should be in charge of the outlet better then others.

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Hometown Kway Teow 故香味粿條屋

Cuisines Chinese Noodle
Business Hour 7:30AM - 2:00PM Closed on Wednesday

Here's the location.

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Noble House Imbi

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Mondays to Sundays & 11.30am - 3.00pm

Serving the finest Chinese gourmet creations and delicacies. With a modern touch to traditional Chinese dishes, the restaurant specialities includes Imperial Style Lobster with Braised Superior Shark's Fin, Braised Abalone with Goose Web baked in Foil, Emperor Beancurd and Noble House Three Variety Combinations Appetizer.

Recently, I was invited to dine at Noble House sampling the winning creations 'Classic Nanyang Cantonese Cuisine' by Chef Peter Tsang and Chef Justin Hor in conjunction with Oriental Group '9th Annual Chef Event' kicking off from 21st August 2017 to 30th September 2017. These tantalising dishes which preserves the authentic flavours will be available for all diners to devour at all Oriental Group Of Restaurant from 21st August 2017 to 30th September 2017. Spoilt for choice from the elaborate ala-carte menu, you can order the 2 preset menus namely the Majestic Set (RM1,888 Nett) per table for 10 pax or the Royal Set ( RM3,888 Nett).

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