Kulim Forest 森林海鲜村

Cuisines Chinese Seafood
Business Hour 11:30AM - 2:30PM, 5:30PM - 11:30PM Closed on Monday

It's always fun to have a quick getaway from the bustling city center and get closer to nature; if you agree with this statement, then make sure Kulim Forest Restaurant on your to-visit-list. Deep in the heart of Kulim, Kulim Forest Restaurant is tucked away behind the residential of Kampung Padang Tembak; once you have turned into the residential area (full of one-storey terrace houses), follow the signage and you will find yourself at a place surrounded by serene neighborhood with a man-made pool in the middle. Every corner offers a good photo opportunity, the atmosphere is most relaxed and the surrounding is picturesque. There is no written menu at Kulim Forest Restaurant but the server will recommend the freshest catch of the day. Fresh water produce is commonly served here, with a range of familiar Chinese dishes... reasonable price points if you must know.

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Cafe Pinggiran Laut

Cuisines Cafe Malay
Business Hour 11:00AM - 3:00AM Closed on Tuesday

There is no shortage of Malay food at Batu Maung but navigating the area requires experiences, especially without the aid of proper road signage and small alleys connecting the villages. One of the most popular places for Malay Rice at Batu Maung is Cafe Pinggiran Laut, an unassuming place by the seaside. Not to be confused with Kak Ani Kari Ikan Sembilang operating side by side, Cafe Pinggiran Laut is easily recognized by the clamoring crowd. The place starts as early as 11 am but expect the crowd to throng in slightly before noon. Most dishes will be gone by noon, so visiting before noon will be wiser choice... for the spread. There is a good variety here, from some uncommonly seen Kerabu to myriad of curry dishes (though most of them are Fish curries), down to the quintessential Fried Chicken and Ulam-Ulaman. The wallet-friendly price tag is also one of the pulling factors to draw the factories workers working nearby.

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Green Flow 頂好茶餐室

Cuisines Chinese Asian
Business Hour 8:30AM - 2:00PM Closed on alternate Thursday

Chicken Rice is one of the Malaysian staple comfort food, everyone has his/her own favorite(s). To pick the best will likely stir up a passionate debate but let's agree to disagree, this hauntingly mouth-watering Malaysian delight is never easy to cook and has no definite recipe to it. For a plate of simple, straight-forward Chicken Rice; navigate your way to Restaurant Green Flow (頂好茶餐室) at Pekan Lama, Sungai Petani (Kedah). This is definitely one of the long-established ones around; with more than 38 years of experience (since 1979), this humble stall has garnered an appreciate following, most coming for their remarkably luscious Chicken (the stall is known as 喜相逢爱芬鸡饭). But a good Chicken Rice is not just about the Chicken, purists will argue that the flavored-Rice and the addictive Chili dip is part of the package.... and this stall has it all.

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Ancient Road Seafood 古代一路泥土鸡

Cuisines Seafood Chinese
Business Hour 11:00AM - 10:00PM Closed on Monday

Beggar's Chicken (叫花鸡) has been one of the signature China Chinese dishes and its history can be traced back to the Ming-Qing Dynasty in China; today, the dish is popular in Jiangsu Province (of China). Inspired by this great dish, this Chinese restaurant tucked in a terrace house along the bustling Jalan Bagan Jermal has recently gained the attention of netizens for serving this old Chinese delicacy. But Ancient Road Seafood Restaurant is not a one trick pony, it has a great selection of Chinese Zhu Char dishes as well; in fact, we thought some of the Zhu Char dishes outshined the signature Chicken dish. Prices are most affordable except for the Chicken but if you appreciate the interactive process (diners ordering the Chicken may proceed to "unwrap and release" the Chicken from the Soil by hammering it), you will probably find it worth it.

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Cia Xiang Seafood Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese Seafood

Cai Xiang Seafood Restaurant is very easy to locate. After the Bukit Tambun toll exit, drive to a roundabout and exit at three o’clock. Keep left (do not go up to the flyover). The restaurant is located on your right.

It's all about Seafood at Bukit Tambun, a small fishing village famous amongst seafood lovers. While there are many seafood restaurants in the vicinity, not many offer Claypot Crab Rice and Cia Siang Seafood Restaurant (at the junction of Simpang Ampat and Bukit Tambun) claims to be the first to offer this specialty. It's hard to miss Cia Siang, the restaurant has a huge facade with gigantic signage and ample parking space. Though the restaurant is not air-conditioned, the high ceiling allows natural wind to flow in and the ventilation is good. There is no standard menu, once you entered the restaurant, you will be ushered and seated quickly. The cantankerous proprietor will then approach you in lightning speed and rush you for orders. While the food did not disappoint, they did not shine either; we thought the food was of standard-average quality but... with outrageous price tags.

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Yeh Lai Siang 夜來香海鮮茶餐室

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 7:00AM - 12:30PM Closed on Monday

It's always fun to have a short getaway from home and one of the nearest cities to Penang- Sungai Petani (Kedah), a city that is often overlooked by many. It offers a good selection of traditional delicacies, some can no longer be found in urbanized cities like Penang. For this reason, the quiet town of Sungai Petani makes a great short trip to search for the lost flavors of yesteryears. For a bowl of classic, authentic Hakka Mee, make your way to Yeh Lai Siang Food Court near the old town of Sungai Petani. Possibly the only authentic Hakka Mee in Sungai Petani, this 14-year old noodle stall uses recipes passed down from previous generations to churn out home-made springy, flat noodles. But they are not a one-trick pony, their home-made Dumplings are not be forsaken as well. The Dumpling skin is home-made and the Dumplings are wrapped on the spot. Freshness is of essence here and they take it seriously. This humble stall housed within the classic local food court setting is definitely one of the best to savor the Hakka-influenced delicacy.

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Dandy Modern Food

Cuisines Mediterranean Cafe
Business Hour 10:00AM - 10:00PM Closed on Tuesday

Western and Fusion food are commonly found in the Penang cafe scene but Middle Eastern cuisine has not gotten the same attention and limelight. Dandy Modern Food is making a breakthrough here... a new kid on the block at Arena Curve that offers Mediterranean fare with a Fusion touch in a comfortable-cozy cafe atmosphere. The cafe uses an open-kitchen concept and allows diners to have visual access to the Shawarma meat-carving process or reassuring the hygiene conditions of the cafe. The menu covers an interesting array Middle Eastern food and some Western dishes; price points are standard-average but the entire package, including the service level and quality is somewhat spectacular. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary cafe fare in the vicinity, Dandy Modern Food might be a good option.

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Souper Tang - Gurney Plaza 汤师傅

Cuisines Soup Healthy Chinese
Business Hour 11:00AM - 10:00PM

Souper Tang provides comprehensive nourishing food through traditional Chinese herbs and medicines to enhance healthy dining culture.

Most Malaysians can relate their diets with Soup as most of us growing up associating with Soup so when the proud Malaysian brand- Souper Tang (汤师傅) opened a new branch at Gurney Plaza, we were not surprised to see the long queue of curious gourmands scouting the new restaurant. Souper Tang is known to offer invigorating Chinese double boiled Soups that are believed to bring medicinal health benefits and a variety of wholesome Chinese dishes. Price points are high and the service staff lacked proper training so the waiting time can be rather long. Souper Tang is just opposite to Canton-I at 1st floor of Gurney Plaza.

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Hong Kong 8am 港室八點鐘

Business Hour 8:00AM - 2:00PM Closed on Wednesday

Penangites should not be new to the Hong Kies' Cha Chaan Teng culture and there are indeed already a few Hong Kie-styled Cha Chaan Tengs in Penang. While not repulsive against Cha Chaan Teng, they have never been a popular choice in Penang (due to the overwhelming number of Hawker Centers in Penang). Hong Kong 8 am is one of the new additions to the Penang Cha Chaan Teng scene, since its opening in late June 2017, Hong Kong 8 am has been luring a great amount of crowd. We visited the place 3 times and the first 2 times were packed to the brim- we could not find a seat (we were told at least a 30-min wait). We came back for the third time- the place has limited seats (not more than 11 tables in total) and the menu is disappointingly small. Signature dishes include Polo Bun, home-made Noodles and Milk Tea. We were a little underwhelmed with the selection, at least.... classics like Hong Kong Egg Tarts are missing from the list, not to mention the Sandwiches (蛋治), Scrambled Egg, Macaroni Soup (通粉) etc. Wallet-friendly prices but the foods were not as impressive as we would have hoped.

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The Craftisan

Cuisines Cafe Dessert
Business Hour 12:00PM - 10:00PM Closed on Sunday

There is no better time to enjoy a good magical frozen dessert in a place like Malaysia with summer lasts all year long. Penang has no shortage of good desserts but we sure would not mind a new addition to the Penang cafe-dessert scene. The Craftisan is a new kid on the block and has just had its grand opening in early July 2017. Housed on the first floor of Soul Cafe, The Craftisan is an Ice Cream parlor that focuses on Gelato-inspired sweet treats. It gets points for the inspired creativity- for infusing Tea into their Ice Cream. The selection is full of Asian-leaning flavors- from refreshingly light Jasmine, Matcha to bolder ones like Tie Kuan Yin (Chinese Oolong Tea) and occasionally exotic delights like Durian Ice Cream. The cafe is brilliantly spaced and brightly lit, with clean and comfortable couches forming the homey-intimate atmosphere. It is a place best to chill out with friends over some sweet treats (if you do not mind the slightly higher price points).

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Indochine Cafe

Business Hour 5:00PM - 11:00PM

Good food is a celebration of life. We provide the most authentic Laotian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Thai & Indo-Chinese food in Penang. Come to experience higher level of food enjoyment. Our Speciality: ✔ Laotian Lemongrass BBQ Chicken Drumstick ✔ Thai Mango Sticky Rice ✔ Vietnamese Beef Noodles & Ice Dripping Coffee ✔ Cambodian Exotic Noodles Soup ✔ Singaporean Crayfish Laksa

While Penang does have a fair share of Vietnamese food joints, it is not common to find a restaurant that serves Indo-China cuisine (Laotian, Cambodian and Vietnamese). Indochine Cafe is probably the first restaurant that does so in Penang, the newly opened restaurant settled in a semi-detached house at Jalan Hashim, right next to Hotel Sentral Seaview (formerly known as Naza Talyya Penang). Once we were ushered in and seated, the friendly proprietor approached us fast and introduced us to the menu. The Indo-China delicacies-focused menu is extensive and covers some of the countries' highlights. But the al-fresco atmosphere at the restaurant is equally interesting- homey, harmony yet with a sense of elegance. We love the variety here but somehow the flavors did not quite hit us, they were perfectly fine but lacked the wow factor to lure us back.

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Peranakan Passion

Business Hour Tuesday - Friday: 11:00AM - 2:00PM, 5:00PM - 9:30PM Saturday - Sunday: 5:00PM - 9:00PM Closed on Monday

We are proud to share our passion for the Peranakan cuisine and our mouth-watering dishes are inspired from the various Peranakan communities.

While both Penang and Malacca are known to have Peranakan descendants, the culture can be totally different and that... includes the food too. It's quite uncommon for Peranakan restaurants to serve Malaccan-Peranakan food but this newly opened Peranakan Passion has decided to take a leap of faith. Flip the menu and you will notice quite a few Peranakan dishes that are not common to Penang (otherwise in Malacca)- Ayam Pongteh, Ayam Buah Keluah, Itik Tim etc; the second thing that might strike you would be the price points.... a little higher than usual. But the air-conditioned cafe has a decent setup- comfortable and homey, with some Peranakan elements adorning the walls. We have managed to try a few signature dishes on our visit; while we could not find any fault with the dishes, we did not think they were impressive... probably we have got accustomed to the local Penang Peranakan flavors.

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Yolk Breakfast & Chill

Cuisines Cafe
Business Hour Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00AM - 4:00PM, 8:00PM - 1:00AM Sunday: 10:00AM - 4:00PM Closed on Monday

We're open daily Serving pasta , brunch and sandwiches ! If you can't find any parking , just give us a call , we'll let you know where to park

Recently converted to an all-day breakfast venture, Yolk Breakfast & Chill is a small neighborhood cafe that starts your day by offering simple, straight-forward brunch items. The hipsters would be glad to know that 'Magic Potion' is one of the proud creations of Yolk Breakfast & Chill. Previously Paper Pepper Cafe, Yolk Breakfast & Chill offers a small all-day breakfast menu but nothing too unusual or unique; rather, the focus should on their series of 'Magic Potion'. The concept is not new, it uses Butterfly Pea Flower Tea as the base and to mix with other liquid (such as Yogurt, Fruit Juice etc). While the prices are very competitive, we thought the food quality was somewhat less-impressive....

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Saigon House Cuisine

Cuisines Vietnamese
Business Hour 11:00AM - 10:00PM Closed on Tuesday

Vietnamese cuisine is gaining its popularity recently, evidently seen from the numerous Vietnamese eats around Georgetown to compete in offering the best and authentic Vietnamese flavors to Penangites. Saigon House Cuisine is a new kid on the block, setting foot in one of the shop houses at Bahari Parade, Sri Bahari Road. Like most Vietnamese restaurant, Saigon House Cuisine has a bible-thick menu which features most of the classic and traditional Vietnamese eats. The atmosphere is comfortable for a casual meal or family dinner, with acceptable prices. Except the parking, Saigon House Cuisine can be a decent choice when it comes to Vietnamese food in Penang.

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Jia Siang Cafe 家香茶室

Cuisines Chinese Seafood
Business Hour 12:00PM -7:00PM Closed on Thursday

A famed fishing village at Southwest of Penang Island (approximately 15 km away from Balik Pulau market), Pulau Betong is home to many fishermen and is known to have some of the best sea produce in Penang. Jia Siang Cafe is one of the more prominent seafood restaurants in the vicinity; having operated for years, it has accumulated an appreciate following. But there is a catch here- you must either reach there early during the day (as soon as it opens) or you will have to buy the fresh sea produce behind the restaurant (for the Chefs to cook). The seafood supplies in the restaurant are rather limited and the demand is usually high, so if you wish to savor some of the best seafood, make your way there as early as possible. Located at the end of the road, Jia Siang Cafe is right next to the river mouth; not air-conditioned, the heat-intolerant might this place a little uncomfortable to dine-in, especially with the sultry hot tropical weather.

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