Bon-Ga Korean BBQ

Cuisines Korean
Business Hour 10 am to 10 pm. Opens Daily.

Do not leave Bon-Ga without trying their Bingsu, the perfect remedy after a scorching hot grilling session.

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Tao Authentic Asian Cuisine

Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour WEEKDAYS (Monday – Thursday) Lunch: 12.00noon – 4.00pm (RM46++) Dinner: 5:30pm – 10:30pm (RM62++) WEEKENDS & PUBLIC HOLIDAYS (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays) Lunch: 12.00noon – 4.00pm (RM46++ for Friday ONLY/RM62++ for Saturday, Sunday &

当天,我们以综合刺身 (Sashimi Moriawase)作为句点。刺身最要紧是新鲜,幸亏没让我们失望而归。

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Daily Fresh

Cuisines Dessert


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Yea Japanese BBQ & Shabu Shabu

Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour 6.00pm – 1.00am (Monday – Thursday) 12.00pm – 1.00am (Friday – Sunday & Public Holidays)

It really worth the value to dine here since all seafood is big and fresh, whole lot of choices and new cooking experience.

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Ming Garden Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11.30am to 10.30pm (off between 3pm to 6pm)

Ming Garden is offering a couple of wedding package for the newly wed couple.

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Sweet Home Boutique Cafe

Business Hour 1pm to 10pm, Closed on Monday.

Business Hours: Contact:


Sweet Home Boutique Cafe, Times Square Penang great place for high tea set with cake and cookies.


Tao Cuisine

Cuisines Japanese Buffet
Business Hour Lunch (Monday to Friday) 12.00pm till 04.00pm Lunch (Saturday, Sunday, Eve Of & Public Holiday) 12.00pm till 04.00pm Dinner (Monday to Thursday) 05.30pm till 10.30pm Dinner (Friday to Sunday, Eve Of & Public Holiday) 05.30pm till 08.00pm 1st se

This Tao consists of mainly Japanese food with a wide range of choices either from the menu or buffet style. So..what did we attack on? Mainly fish.. cod and salmon.. they are really fresh, just as what is written in their website.. quality and freshness!

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Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Sun-Thurs : 12.00pm~12.00am (Last Call At 11.00pm) Fri-Sat : 12.00pm~1.00am (Last Call At 12.00am)

Well, minus out the spaghetti , other food was still great and I enjoyed.

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Golden J&C

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Opens Daily: 11am - 9pm

虽然Golden J&C的食物较普通,可是老板娘的态度很好,也给了我们一个很舒适的环境用餐。所以以后我们还是会回访的。

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Face to Face Noodles House (面对面板面专卖店)

Cuisines Chinese


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Bee Won Korean Food

Cuisines Korean
Business Hour 11am to 10pm. Closed on every Monday.

Vicky Kim, The lady owner of Bee Won Korean Food is a typical Korean, though choices are limited now, but the prices are greatly reduced as compared to before.

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Bite Sensation

Cuisines Pastries
Business Hour 11am to 10pm. Daily.

Aside from serving cakes and some awesome beverages, they do sell freshly baked breads and pastries as well but I would like to highlight about their unique and creative desserts to my readers, some of the more special ones are Chocolate Lava (some sort of chocolate brownies topped with melted chocolate syrup), Poached Pear with Wine, and Creme Brulee. They do serve main course like Pizza as well. Prices vary, but they do have some promotions if you wish to savor all these desserts.

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Get’Em Smack

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 12.00pm – 9.00pm

The more recommended one would be the Banana Crepe as the fruity and creamy flavors of the ripened fruit complement well with the fresh crème and Vanilla ice cream.

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Z Classroom

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Mon - Thu:12:00-02:00 Fri - Sat: 12:00-03:00 Sun: 12:00-02:00


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