Reanaclaire reviewed Delight Seafood Restaurant @ Jalan Dass

It was such a Delightful Dinner ....I am so glad that I made the right choice to Go!
Reanaclaire reviewed Tasty Cowan Street Ayam Tauge & Koitiao @ Ipoh

In my opinion, the food here can beat the other famous shops in town.
Reanaclaire reviewed Yoong Kee @ Bukit Mertajam

White pomfret steamed teochew style..... However, the fish was very fresh... worth taking... once awhile...
Reanaclaire reviewed Kirishima @ Cititel Penang

Indeed a very ravishing dinner that leave our tummies fully Full!
Reanaclaire reviewed New World Park Food Court @ New World Park

My kids love these pancakes...This one is filled with durian!! OH my Goodness!
Reanaclaire reviewed 坤泰 KhunThai Restaurant @ Teluk Kumbar

Maybe one day we will come by again to taste other dishes... Tom yam and green curry are the recommended ones, so I was told...
Reanaclaire reviewed Kampar Club Restaurant @ Jalan Windsor

I like their Assam Nyonya with seafood.... But more gravy will be better!
Reanaclaire reviewed Big Fan Food Court @ Menglembu

But all in all, it was a very light lunch for me actually... I took only a bit of this and that... Saving up "space" for some other food in another place!
Reanaclaire reviewed Ang Hoay Loh Restaurant @ Jalan Perak

It is at a corner next to State Penang Association and there were ample parking space.
Reanaclaire reviewed Canton City Cafe @ Jalan Perak

Lunch hour was over....and we were the second last guests... I think...
Reanaclaire reviewed Tai Kung Coffee Shop @ Taman Hoover

Came home with a satisfied tummy...
Reanaclaire reviewed Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant @ Jalan Kampar

Definitely worth it.... the food was indeed scrumptious and it has been a long while since I have dinner at a restaurant at night!
Reanaclaire reviewed Tai You Coffeeshop @ Jalan Bendahara

Price has since increased... of course....
Reanaclaire reviewed JELLY BAR @ Bercham

Well....Choices might be a few...But since they are all homemade, I wouldn't mind going again for those refreshing delights!
Reanaclaire reviewed Peking Pan Mee Noodles Shop @ Medan Ipoh Bistari

We had some side orders... crispy fried "sengkuang" with spring onions... Quite tasty.... I know I should refrain...
Reanaclaire reviewed First Garden Dim Sum @ Ipoh

This is kind of special... chicken with sticky rice inside the dumpling...
Reanaclaire reviewed Tilapia Omega-3 @ Ipoh

The place was quite empty except for ours cos it was not even 6pm yet