Kenhuntsfood reviewed Bon-Ga Korean BBQ @ Penang Times Square

Do not leave Bon-Ga without trying their Bingsu, the perfect remedy after a scorching hot grilling session.
Kenhuntsfood reviewed Hakka Village (客家山寨) @ MK 7

Another dish that took the center spotlight would be their Hakka Salt-Baked Chicken, though veering towards the salty side; the Chicken was tender and possessed the alluring Chicken-meaty aroma. It is a dish that one could easily munch down a few bowls of Rice.
Kenhuntsfood reviewed Hideout Cafe @ Jalan Icon City

If you are not the usual Big Breakfast-kind of person, go for Oriental ones- Nasi Lemak and Chili Pan Mee just to name a few. Seats are comfortably-arranged with ample space in between... suitable for those who wish to visit in a big group.
Kenhuntsfood reviewed Maria Wan Ton Mee (马丽亚云吞面) @ Burmah Road

A simple plate of Wan Ton Mee/ Tok Tok Mee (Rm 4 for Small/ Rm 5 for Large) never fails to make my day.
Kenhuntsfood reviewed 3 Monkeys Juice Bar @ Jalan Siam

All Fruit Juices are natural- no preservatives and sugar added.
Kenhuntsfood reviewed Vistana Hotel @ Jalan Bukit Gambir

Though they did not surprise us in terms of taste, none of the dishes disappoint. Their strength lies in the hands of Halal Certificate, in which companies may consider the hotel as one of the options for the company's Year End Treat.
Kenhuntsfood reviewed Urban Artisan. Co @ Burmah Road

The cafe is not big nor spacious but comfortable enough for one to enjoy the frozen treat.
Kenhuntsfood reviewed Sri Sawadee Restaurant @ Georgetown

The cafe has a chic interior decor, with rattan fish basket hanging all over the space, eclectic high metal stools and tables with industrial-element.
Kenhuntsfood reviewed The Twelve Cups @ Whiteaways Arcade

If you are seeking for a cafe that serves solid-promising food, give this place a try.
Kenhuntsfood reviewed Sai Toh Lim Koay Teow Soup (西刀魚丸粿條湯) @ Taman Ceri

It can be windy and chilly to sit near to the entrance too. Ideal for a leisure family breakfast spot.
Kenhuntsfood reviewed Thai Tanic Restaurant @ Elit Avenue

They serve real deal and family-styled Thai food with certain Chinese-influenced Chu Char dishes but all are priced competitively and reasonably.
Kenhuntsfood reviewed Ice Estate Ice Cream Cafe @ Lebuh Victoria

The place has a standard cafe setting but find the seats on the second floor so one needs to traipse the steep flight of stairs before securing a seat... though choices are pretty limited but we thought it could be a cozy, quiet place to chill with friends.