MyLoveMyFood reviewed El Faro @ Jalan Burma

El Faro… a place where I discovered long time ago, and couldn’t find enough of food lovers to join me for “walloping”, “slurping” and “gluttoning” till this day. You know when you enter to a place where you are not sure what to have and what to order, best to find someone to recommend their specialties to you.
MyLoveMyFood reviewed Ben's @ Persiaran Gurney

After all the gluttons wallop all the food on the table, and with a big satisfy grin on the face, honestly, I find it a bit gross. Anyway, enjoy while you can!
MyLoveMyFood reviewed Kaffa Espresso Bar @ Green Hall

Kaffa Espresso Bar in Green Hall. When I got to know the location, I was skeptical, skeptical in a sense that the location like that basically hard to attract any customers, and after working hours there isn’t any other crowd around that area.
MyLoveMyFood reviewed Sip & Chew @ Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling

Sip & Chew Café… what attract me is not because of anything but this Flower Pot Ice Cream! After the whole ‘process’ … we were all happy and enjoyed!
MyLoveMyFood reviewed Love Bites Fusion Cuisine @ Nagore Road

this is definitely a cozy place for crazily in love couple, cuz, the name has pronounced it all.
MyLoveMyFood reviewed 懷舊娘惹餐廳 Restoran Pinang Peranakan @ Logan Heritage

Though the place is rather quiet and not many people visit, however it ain’t any bad idea to host a friend for lunch or dinner.
MyLoveMyFood reviewed siTigun Coffee House @ Jalan Nagore

Well, I was here not to comment how great or how bad their coffee, but, just thought of sharing another place if you’re yearning for an American breakfast. Though nothing great to shout about, however, it’s still worth the value.
MyLoveMyFood reviewed Gohkaki 發林五腳基 @ Lebuhraya Thean Teik

如果你想回憶以前童年的時光,回憶那些年甜蜜的故事或和幾個朋友聊天,為何不考慮到五腳基一遊? 相信我吧,絕對沒有遺憾。
MyLoveMyFood reviewed The Eighty-Eight Restaurant @ Kelawai Road

The Eighty Eight Restaurant is a new place that I brought them to, a very ordinary place with no attractive signboard (except the bright orange sign) and also parking is a constraint to the customers. But food wise, it’s definitely recommended, and price wise is reasonable too.