nikelkhor reviewed Restoran Asli Makanan Laut Mutiara Biru 阿士里海鲜村 @ Skudai

If you are looking for quality and fine seafood cuisine, Restoran Asli may not be the right destination.
nikelkhor reviewed TANBA Japanese BBQ 炭馬日式烧烤 @ Taman Molek

TANBA Japanese BBQ was the first renowned restaurant in Johor Bahru which focuses on Japanese styled BBQ buffet.
nikelkhor reviewed Atlas Coffee Embassy @ Taman Mount Austin

This is a great place which is highly recommended for breakfast or high tea. Even if you are alone, Atlas Coffee Embassy definitely has the good and quiet environment for you to have a decent coffee and spend an afternoon for a good book.
nikelkhor reviewed Sushi Zanmai @ Komtar JBCC

Black sesame ice cream is very creamy but smooth, marked a perfect end to our sumptuous dinner!
nikelkhor reviewed Carabao Authentic Thai Restaurant @ Johor Bahru

Overall, the dining experience here was good. We find this place very suitable for gathering or small party, as it is very spacious and according to the owner, it can accommodate up to 200 people.
nikelkhor reviewed Taman Tasek Kuey Tiao Kia 南滨园粿条仔 @ Bandar Seri Alam

This is not the only hidden gem in the same area, you just could not imagine that there is another famous homey style Tze-Char shop located in the second row shoplots, sitting between the workshops.
nikelkhor reviewed Say Yes Hong Kong Dim Sum 思源香港点心 @ Taman Sutera Utama

Their Salted Egg Custard Bun is dressed in whirlwind pattern, it is so cute and different, right? This will definitely attract kids' attention the most.
nikelkhor reviewed The Brazzo House @ Taman Sri Tebrau

The Brazzo House is open during lunch hour too and the spread of set lunch is similar sumptuous compared to the dishes offered during dinner time, and the best part is it is CHEAPER and more WORTHY! So, it is recommended to visit The Brazzo House during lunch hour.
nikelkhor reviewed Lemon Tree Restaurant @ Taman Melodies

Pizza here is highly recommended. The portion of chess is generous, every bite is with the cheese melting in my mouth. Ham, capsicum, pineapples are the soul of Hawaiian Pizza and this pizza from Lemon Tree is definitely one of the best.
nikelkhor reviewed IT Roo Bistro @ Taman Sutera Utama

Out of curiosity, we also ordered Chicken Chop with Teriyaki Sauce. Chicken thigh is grilled to perfection, coated with the savoury teriyaki sauce and sprinkled with sesame, it tastes awesome.
nikelkhor reviewed Taiwanese Cafe 京桃山 @ Skudai

For the steamboat, diners can opt for their favourite soup base, we have chosen the 沙茶酱汤底 a.k.a. satay sauce. The big portion is definitely worth for the price.
nikelkhor reviewed One Shabu Shabu 壹号锅 @ Jalan Sutera,Taman Sentosa

All in all, the price of the set meals is slightly high but the excellent soup base indeed worth for the price. The air-conditioning and comfortable dining environment is another brownie point to encourage us to revisit the restaurant.
nikelkhor reviewed LJ Noodles House 老江一品粿条汤 @ Jalan Sri Pelangi

For me, I prefer the dry version mee bok. The mee bok is topped with the fried shallot and lard, mix it well with the soy sauce before tucking in. The ingredients in the soup are very generous and abundant, including fish maw, abalone slices, fresh fish slices, fish balls and minced meat. This explains why the soup tastes heavenly good!
nikelkhor reviewed Farmland Porridge Steamboat 田园粥火锅 @ Century Garden

We had pumpkin porridge as our steamboat base, the golden yellow colour is super inviting. With all the ingredients added into the claypot, it has not only warmed my stomach, but also my heart!
nikelkhor reviewed J Maison Cafe @ Indahpura

The well crafted hot latte at reasonable price. The latte-must-have foam is rather thin, but surprisingly the texture is creamy, credited to the well balance between coffee and milk.