Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe

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Cuisines Fusion

Lifestyle Store & Cafe, cool chillout place


The décor, bear in mind that almost everything under the roof of Fullhouse is for sale – clothes, fashion accessories, gifts and decorative items.

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Basil Pasta House

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Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Italian Fusion
Business Hour Mon:12:00pm - 10:00pm, Wed - Sun:12:00pm - 10:00pm

Apparently, this place was started by three brothers and I had a feeling that either one of them or all of them had some proper Italian cuisine training of some sort because I spied with my little eye the different types of pasta they had! I was impressed at how they made everything from scratch. However, this meant that our food took longer to prepare, which had us waiting for quite some time.

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Huck’s Cafe

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Fusion
Business Hour Tue - Sun: 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Need a private home-come-back good food? An exclusive home dining with authentic Asian, Italian, Mexican and Western food. No refrigerator long frozen food. No MSG! Mostly organic herbs & spices. * Your first exclusive Home Dining * Serve only wholesome goodness foods * Promote healthy organic home cooking * A cafe for friend's friends get together * A private function venue By RSVP only! How to pre-order? A: Let us surprise you! Or B: Check out our photo album (Menu Album 1 , Menu Album 2) to suggest 2 types of Soup for your group. Select your Mains, 1 Main 1 Pax. Desserts can be decided on the spot. Appetiser is on the house. Your Menu selection must be given 5 days before you arrive. PM your menu to us. Pre-ordering allows us to Cook fresh, Serve fresh! We shop fresh ingredients every morning. 5 Days cancellation notice. DO NOT RSVP if you are not sure. When we RSVP for you means we will need to reject other guests on the same date. As we do not take walk in guest, we need times to replace back your cancellation. It's unfair to us and other guests when you decide to cancel us last minute. 30% Deposit for a group of 10 pax and above. Thank You. Welcome to your private kitchen :)

Overall Rating: 7/10. There was something very genuine and likable about Huck's cafe. Food was delicious, service was great, and the concept was a clever idea - in this case, surprises that came in the form of scrumptious home cooked food!

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Nathalie's Gourmet Studio

Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Western French Fusion
Business Hour Open at 9am-6pm & Closes on Sundays

由法国人经营的Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio所制作的马卡龙一直都最得我欢心。偶尔隔几个月我就会和达达去买来解馋,吃了那么多次还是那么美味。

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Cuisines Fusion
Business Hour 830AM- 2200PM

Rondaevoo is a cosy warm environment for the meeting of people, minds and the pleasures of healthier dining and better coffee. We offer a path to better coffee and beverages through the use of use organic coffee beans and high quality dark chocolate, among others. Generally, we do not add sugar to our hot or cold beverages and lattes. Fruit beverages are blended instead of juiced, retaining the fibre that comes with the juice As food concerned, we offer a path to healthier dining by making food that we have been so accustomed to, a little healthier, with some changes in the ingredients used. To create healthier dining with the same good taste, we avoid using processed food, do not add additives or preservatives https://www.facebook.com/rondaevooMY?fref=ts

relaxed atmosphere; good promos; Nasi Lemak with brown rice; healthy ingredients; friendly staff; tasty cakes; Roti-Boy surprise.

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Cuisines Fusion

If you're looking for a place to chill out after work for some good food and drinks, Chinoz @ KLCC is an option you can choose! :) They serve a fusion of FOOD from local meals to western and even Japanese!

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 for the selection of fushion dishes and atmosphere. Will only return for the Ramdhan buffet only. I really enjoyed the dinner and not to mention the company.

spicysharon posted spicysharon.blogspot.com 315 Reviews

Chef & Brew

Business Hour 11am - late, Happy Hour: 4pm - 9pm

I was looking for a decent and nearby eatery to have lunch on one mundane monday, little did I know that my choice turned out to be an unpleasant experience.

ChinaTown Dessert 糖仁街甜品屋

Business Hour MON - THU (11:30am - 1am) FRI - SUN & PUBLIC HOLIDAY & EVE (11:30am - 2am)

Value SET LUNCH is available on MON - SAT


The glutinous rice balls are filled with black sesame are very delicious. The ginger soup is very spicy and it is really fit this whole dessert. However, I still feel that I prefer to have peanuts filling rather than black sesame.

Pas De Nom posted chillout-soulout-freakout.blogspot.com 471 Reviews

Reminisce Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese Fusion
Business Hour Mon – Sat = 7:30 am – 11:00 pm & Sun = 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

A walk down the memory lane with old school decoration and environment. Great food with reasonable prices.

Starting from RM14.90, Reminisce’s set lunch is available between 11am and 5pm daily. There are 40 different choices and every set comes with a cold drink and dessert of the day.

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Star Cafe & Bistro

Cuisines Fusion

Extensive variety of dishes, larger than average serving sizes + they have live bands.

perutbesi posted perutbesi.blogspot.com 230 Reviews

Buffalo Kitchens

Cuisines Fusion
Business Hour Open daily, 12noon-12midnight

Reasons to visit: quality food and beverage in an elegant yet casual ambience; Smoked French Duck; Slow Roasted Spanish Baby Suckling Lamb Leg with Roasted Vegetables; White Chocolate Mousse, Pistachio and Homemade Liquorice Ice Cream; rotating offering of specialty grappas.

TheYumList posted theyumlist.blogspot.com 552 Reviews

Restaurant Shokudo

Cuisines Fusion

Shokudo is a restaurant that serves a Fusion of Japanese and Thai cuisines and the price is reasonable

The quality of food not on stellar level and with so many choices at the mall we wouldn’t necessarily return any time soon.

mimid3vils posted www.choiyen.com 419 Reviews

Gyuniku Signature

Cuisines Fusion
Business Hour Tuesdays to Sundays. 1200 hours till 2100 hours. Closed on Mondays.

The best compliment the gNOMes can give this place is that the food served here is very REAL. No pretense, no fancy names, just straightforward, honest and genuine food. Every dish has its own unique “character”, and the gNOMes will definitely be back with friends! Oh, but don’t let the chinese-shop appearance fool you, this place is indeed HALAL, and takes great efforts to ensure so.

renaelyng posted thegardennom.wordpress.com 76 Reviews


Business Hour Mon - Sun: 11:00am - 11:00pm

Mangochaha Malaysia is TAIWAN MANGO DESSERT SHOP using the theme of top quality Irwin mango. We served sensational dessert by using Taiwan top grade Irwin Mangoes. All in fresh mango natural flavour. No additional mango syrup! No Condensed milk!Healthy and Low Calories. Irwin Mangoes emit a fragrance with which no others mango can compete. With fewer fibers and tender fresh. Medium ripe Irwin mango emits a very strong mango fragrance and it is the best ever combination if brought together with ice. We have been known for our strict mango selection policy, and it has made us very famous and growing rapidly in the market. Apart from the Mango selection, we also emphasize on the process of cooking black sugar. Cooking black sugar is not as simple as many people would have thought as it really needed knowhow and some trial and error experience. We spent more than an hour a day to slowly boil the natural black sugar. We will only get the rich taste of natural shinny black sugar until the third time boiling. The perfect combination of our black sugar and ice makes our shaved ice moderately sweet. The Cool refreshing taste of it is self evident when you consume it together with our Taiwan Irwin Mango. Our mangoes are seasoned with top quality organic sea salt from USA, to bring out the essence of Mango flavor. We invite you to Mango ChaCha and indulge yourself with our wonderful selection of Mango Desserts.

Mango Cha Cha is a Taiwanese based Franchised-dessert shop offering a range of Mango Desserts.

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One Sweet One Night

Cuisines Fusion
Business Hour Mon - Sat: 11.00am - 11.00pm

Overall this restaurant has been a fantastic restaurant to us so far. Very limited seats available in this restaurant so you are advised to make a booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Pas De Nom posted chillout-soulout-freakout.blogspot.com 471 Reviews