Restaurant Wong Poh: Claypot Butter Crab @ Bukit Mayang Mas

Bukit Mayang Mas, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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SpecialClaypot ButterCrab
AddressUsing the LDP from Sunway to kelana jaya direction, look out for the Catholic Church on the left hand side.
Immediately after the church, turn left and u will come to a small roundabout. Keep to your left and turn 9 o’clk.
Go up straight and the road will lead u to turn to the right curve (u should see the signboard ‘baywatch’ cafe/pub on your right), follow the road and go straight up all the way down . and u should be able to watch out for Wong Poh Restaurant on the right hand side

36 & 38 Jln BM 1/2
Bukit Mayang Mas
47301 Petaling Jaya

Via NKVE. Then exit at Damansara. Drive towards BU11, and from there find your way to Dataran Prima.
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The crabbies are evenly coated in the liberal thick sauce, with a hint of spiciness from curry leaves and cili padi.

Arriving at about 8:30 pm, the place was packed like usual. Originally they had started as a single shop lot, then expanded to two and now they occupy three shoplots with one of it being air-conditioned. Eventhough it was packed, it did not take too long for the food to arrive.
Kerabu Octopus (RM15.00), tofu dish (RM16.00), stewed pork belly with peanuts (RM15.00), fried sang cheung (RM15.00) , Teo Chew style fish (RM52.30), Four Heavenly Kings (RM12.00), Butter Crabs (RM67.20).

Crab (RM26 per kg)

Pickled Papaya (RM3), Lala in Soup (RM12), Stir-fried Kai Lan (RM13), Curry Pork Ribs (RM8), Butter Crabs (RM36 per kg)
Fried mantao.

The butter cheese crab which was served in a claypot, The fried chicken with salted fish, The “sang cheong” , The “seong tong lala” , the catfish.

Pig Intestine (豬腸) stir fry with chili padi and small tiny shrimp (蝦米), Dongpo’s Meat (東坡肉), Fried Egg (芙蓉蛋), Vegetable

Butter Crab with fried man-tou, Salted-egg Crab, Kam-hiong Lah Lah, Marmite Pork Ribs, To-fu, and Vege

Salted Egg Mantis Prawn, Claypot Butter Crab, Fried ‘Man Tao’, Cheese and Butter Crabs, Century Egg Crab Porridge, Fried Salted Egg Squid
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