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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
ericyong77 reviewed Three Little Birds Coffee @ d7

Another of Artisan's spin off joints.
ericyong77 reviewed Pulp by Papa Palheta @ Bangsar

I liked the atmosphere, the cosy appeal and importantly, the coffee was pretty good too!
ericyong77 reviewed Limablas Nyonya Cuisine @ Off Jalan Nagasari

Ayam pom peh, brinjal, curry.... fuwahhh... damn nice eh!!!
ericyong77 reviewed Gunung Rapat Fried Noodle @ Ipoh

Come here for some awesome local Ipoh laksa. Or lasa. Hahaha...
ericyong77 reviewed Chaiwalla & Co @ The Curve Shopping Centre

Honestly, the shop was rather cool and fancy.
ericyong77 reviewed Thirdwave Cafe @ Nexus Bangsar South

The coffee was okay; the setting and atmosphere was simple, like most other coffee places.
ericyong77 reviewed Kanbe Ramen @ Empire Damansara

Well, the place was rather good. The ramen wasnt overly rich (unlike Ippudo...), but it was still very good.
ericyong77 reviewed Cafe Olle @ Desa Sri Hartamas

I was not disappointed, but was not overly impressed either.
ericyong77 reviewed Cafe Tryst @ Jalan SS15/4C

If you badly need your coffee start, this may not be the right place to go. But it is an ideal place to go to chill with your friends.
ericyong77 reviewed El Negra Distro & Studio @ Jalan Sultan Idris Shah

I admit that the place is rather cool and cosy, but the coffee... is rather on the normal side only.
ericyong77 reviewed Kitakami Bistro @ Glass City

Nothing much to shout about; just that the place is quite cosy with its timber furnitures.
ericyong77 reviewed Cheong Kee @ Buntong

when you find the shop, you'll be enjoying your delicious wantan mee. Be sure to order extra wantan too!!!
ericyong77 reviewed CoffeeSociete @ Publika

Yes, well, today I had my super efficiently fast iced latte, from Coffee Societe.
ericyong77 reviewed Chuup @ Damansara Jaya

The place was rather cosy in atmosphere; but the coffee was alright only. I was expecting my coffee art... but well, I guess they dont do art here.
ericyong77 reviewed Brewmen Cafe @ Solaris Mont Kiara

They do serve a variety of reverse coffees and so on... and also cold brew.
ericyong77 reviewed Feeka Coffee Roasters @ Bukit Bintang

Good coffee, good atmosphere, not too packed (at 10.30am), and well, do check it out.
ericyong77 reviewed LOKL Coffee Company @ Jalan Tun H.S. Lee

So, today we decided to go coffee hunting... We had been here before, but since we were cycling... we decided to take our first stop here.
ericyong77 reviewed Quar/Tet @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Not the best of coffees, but the ambience is rather cosy. So do check it out.
ericyong77 reviewed The Good Batch @ Damansara Utama

The coffee is rather good, atmosphere can be cosy too. But being fully indoors - it can be rather noisy too.
ericyong77 reviewed Thursdvys @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

The coffee was good; the setting and atmosphere was rather cosy too.
ericyong77 reviewed Epicuro @ Damansara Utama

But all in all, I think the place was alright. Coffee plus food.
ericyong77 reviewed Rekindle Cafe @ Jalan SS2/64

Coffee, and good cakes... go check it out.
ericyong77 reviewed Stratosphere @The Roof @ First Avenue

A very delicious and romantic dinner of course!
ericyong77 reviewed I Love Yumcha @ Plaza Manjalara

Yup... it is called I Love Yumcha - at the steamboat rows of Menjalara area.
ericyong77 reviewed Fierce Curry House @ Bangsar

Well.... needless to say, the food was super good. I shall share more of this very soon.
ericyong77 reviewed Ministry of Coffee @ SohoKL

Internal is cosy, external also rather quiet - so the ideal place for a good latte.
ericyong77 reviewed Standing Theory Cafe @ Jalan SS2 /103

So definitely worth a try. ... The place is rather quiet, and very cosy - and the coffee is pretty good too.
ericyong77 reviewed Kitakami Bistro @ Glass City

Got coffee, got spaghetti, got pasta and got pizza also... Cosy place somemore!
ericyong77 reviewed Mollydooker's Coffee Bar @ Plaza Damansara

good coffee, and they have The Last Polka ice cream too!!!
ericyong77 reviewed Sevencups @ Empire Damansara

Nice ambience, nice coffee. Comes highly recommended.
ericyong77 reviewed Fat Butter @ Megan Salak Park

Overall, a nice place... just wished they opened later and had better coffee..... i.e. LATTE!
ericyong77 reviewed Espresso Bar @ One Soho

well, the coffee was so so only, but the place is rather cosy.
ericyong77 reviewed Podgy & The Banker @ Sri Hartamas

Podgy & the Banker... a place for good coffee and I heard their breakfast is not bad too.
ericyong77 reviewed The Bulb Coffee @ Jalan SS 22/19

A different style to its furnishing; and importantly very cosy and homely setting - and a nice coffee to accompany all that...
ericyong77 reviewed VCR @ Off Jalan Pudu

A good place for coffee is sometimes so rare to find.
ericyong77 reviewed It's a Grind Coffee House @ Jalan Teknokrat 6

It has some really good coffee, although I dont know why they dont come with coffee art... haha...
ericyong77 reviewed Monjo Coffee @ Shaftsbury Square

Good coffee... just the location a bit far for me... LOL.
ericyong77 reviewed Hit & Mrs @ Bangsar

their coffee is not bad, and their food is alright too.