MARU Restaurant

Cuisines Japanese Korean

Which is great, for you’ll get privacy, plus any ruckus you make with your gang of dining partners will be “contained” within the thin walls.

Haven Delights 新天地

Business Hour 10:30am - 11:00pm Daily Buffet Hours: 12.00noon-2.00pm, 2.00pm-4.00pm, 5.00pm-7.00pm, 7.00pm-9.00pm

This restaurant serves a combination of cuisines from Japan, Korea, Shanghai and Hong Kong with a twist of fusion. For those who go for their ala carte dishes, there are more than 200 varieties to choose from.

Overall, I find the quality of the food served in Haven Delights was rather inconsistent, where some of the dishes were impressive and some do not. Service wise, was decent and the time used for the food to arrive was quite fast.

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Fresh Fruit Tea House 鲜茶工坊

《Fresh 鲜茶工坊》秉承“健康、时尚、休闲、营养、快捷”的经营理念和“时尚饮品、时尚生活”的顾客、员工双满意企业宗旨,并凭借优质的服务以及独特口味赢得了广大消费者的青睐。。 目前,珍珠奶茶店遍布各大中小城市,并普受欢迎。《Fresh 鲜茶工坊》抓住这个势头,凭借多年的市场经验和营销策略,树立马来西亚,台湾及日本餐饮品牌和推广特色饮品为发展方向,倡导健康、美味、快乐,让珍珠奶茶成为一种生活时尚,一种美味享受

Macguli Krean & Japanese Fusion Cuisine

Cuisines Korean Japanese

Macguli Korean & Japanese fusion restaurant maned by 4 young chef

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