Wang Chiew Seafood Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11:30 am - 10:30 pm

While parking is relatively easy, you still need to get there early. We were there at about 7 but by 8 pm, the place was full and people were waiting for tables. Wang Chiew is just a REALLY YUMMY eatery ... 'Tai Chow' type place in a clean air conditioned environment

Some of the favourites are, "kat chai suen mui "(lime and sour plum juice), "yin yeong" (mixed cantonese fried), fried rice and yee mee.

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Hasan's Rojak

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Indian

This is a mobile rojak stall and only available during the day and its not always on the same spot

Papa bought Rojak Sotong. Quite a big packet. Generous portion. Taste good. Just too bad that the goreng goreng things are not so crunchy anymore.

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Private Kitchen 私人厨房

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Business Hour Tue - Sun: 10.30am to 3.00pm & 5.30pm to 10.00pm (Close on Monday)

The kitchen is still helmed by Chef Lam Fai, a native of Hong Kong. So, according to the chef, “Ding Ding” is an area in Hong Kong that’s abundant with freshwater fish, hence the inspiration to use such fish in the steamboat here.

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Crab Factory Original Seafood Louisiana Boil

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Mon, Wed & Thur: 3.00pm – 11.00pm Fri, Sat & Sun: 11.00am – 11.00pm Closed on Tuesdays

How can anyone resist a feast of the freshest seafood doused in an aromatic blend of seasonings and spices with all the rustic fixings like sausages, potatoes and sweet corn? Trust me, you might be up to your elbows in drippings at the table, but by the time you are done, there wont be a drop of goodness left.


Restoran Korean House

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Korean
Business Hour 11am - late

The Korean House @ SS2 already move to new shop, the shop lot behind the old shop. Same row with UFO and Ochado

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Go Thai Thai Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Thai
Business Hour Daily till 2200 hours. EXCEPT Mondays.

While the food at Go Thai was satisfying, the same couldn’t be said for the drinks and desserts we had. Both their Thai milk tea and red ruby tasted way too diluted and simply wasn’t sweet enough.

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KTZ 记得食

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Chinese

“Kee Tak Zek” @ KTZ restaurant, pronounced as “Kei Tuck Sek” in cantonese - means “Remember To Eat” is a chain of restaurants that reside in KL area. They are famous for their variety of “Thong Shui”/desserts and Dim Sum.


Unethical business operator! Found a small cockroach body in one of the 'longan' when about to finish the 红枣茶. After bringing it to the cashier, the lady boss hurried to take over the longan and tear it off, squeezing and tearing the body off into pieces and loudly told us by shouting that it is just the longan stem or seed, so speechless and helpless at the same time. Really disappointed to see such business operators nowadays, especially for a such well known one. Urging to be extra cautious when visiting this place.

terence88 posted

Gee and Geek

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Cafe Western
Business Hour Sun, Mon-Thurs: 10:00am - 10:00pm Fri-Sat: 10:00am - 11:00pm

Bringing the yums to your tums est 2015. (NON HALAL) -The best and only place you can get Salted Egg Yolk Pasta

The team serves with plenty of passion and while still lacking in skills, everything we had were done right. Churros (RM 12) could have use a thicker chocolate sauce, perhaps more nutella-ish. Juices can be more interesting and healthier because Malaysians are more aware of healthy juices, but caffeine beverages are lovely. The small menu makes it easy to keep their fresh produce at the top of quality and ultimately showcased in their delicious food. Price tags were affordable and inexpensive given the reasonable serving size and tasty food.


Swensen's Cafe Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western

The food is nice !

Hoi Peng Seafood Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese Seafood

Price wise it’s above average for its portion but at least they taste good. If you plan to dine here in the weekends, reservation is highly recommended or you might end up being seated along the five foot ways.

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New Formosa Restaurant

Cuisines Taiwanese
Business Hour 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm.

This is the only restaurant in the PJ area that serves a wide range of genuine Taiwanese food, many dishes of which are of Hokkien and Teochew origin. Lee Weng Eng, the chef and owner of this restaurant managed this Taiwanese food restaurant for 28 years. Already operate for more than 28 years. The lady boss is a Taiwanese which create all these recipes. All the foods served are very tasty and fresh.

Bamboo rice, their signature rice dish.

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Standing Theory Cafe

Cuisines Western Cafe
Business Hour Tue – Sun: 11am – 11pm

Food. Coffee. No one does it quite like us.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10. The dishes that we had today were pleasant, especially the cake. If you're a fan of red velvet cake, you should definitely drop by.

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PJ Tai Thong Restaurant

Cuisines chinese
Business Hour Mon - Sat 11.30am - 2.30pm ; 6.30pm - 10.30pm, Sun & Public Holidays 9.00am - 2.30pm ; 6.30pm -10.30pm

Tai Thong was offering valuable set dinners, ranging from RM 32.80 ++ to RM 98 ++. The place is quite clean and quiet.

Last but not least, Steamed Triple Delight with Oyster Sauce, also one of our favourite in Tai Thong CNY Menu.

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The Lobsterman

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Lunch - 11.30am to 2.30pm,Dinner - 5.30pm to 10.30pm

Consider this an economical way of having a lobster meal, less than RM200 for a lobster meal for 2 pax, inclusive of one 700g lobster.

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