Restoran SS2 Murni

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Cuisines Mamak
Business Hour 8.00 AM - 5.00 PM ; 6.00PM - 5.00AM (Closed Mondays)

Mamak restaurant with a great varieties of roti, steamy hot delicious nasi lemak.


Horrible food. We ordered Salmon with Spaghetti Carbonara, it was tasteless both the spaghetti and salmon that came with an aweful sauce that starched up even before we dig in. Lamb chop with mee raja was totally off, the lamb was so hard and mee raja was cold..most horrid food we have experienced. Not worth RM30/pax at all.

Lai Lai posted

Alisan Mamak Mee Tiau

Cuisines Mamak
Business Hour Open after 7.30pm

Sri Saravanan Corner

Cuisines Mamak
Business Hour Mon - Sat (7 am - 1030 pm) Sun (7 am - 12 noon)

Only catch about eating here is that it's located directly opposite an Indah Water treatment facility which happily did not add any additional aroma to the Roti Canai.