Restoran Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu

Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Chinese

Come here for the Yong Tau Foo.

Kedai Makanan Ban Lee 万利肉骨茶餐室

Cuisines Chinese Non-Halal

A "bak kut teh" shop that is a crowd puller. The meat’s fantastic, as I asked for them to ensure there’s more fats than meat. That’s precisely what I received, along with some ribs and some vegetables. As for the soup? I feel that there’s abit too much MSG for my taste

Besides Bak Kut Teh they also serve poached chicken that seem to be a hit as well with the customers. Their Sang Kuat BKT which requires early booking is said to be excellent too.

vkeong posted 879 Reviews

Kin Heng Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

This restaurant is located nearby the Store (Jalan Ipoh), next the 7-eleven.

Overall, the food here are reasonably charged, worth a visit

babylightning posted 546 Reviews

Sentul Curry House

Cuisines Indian

Food is Bad, not recommended. Not worthy to try out, there is much more better restaurant.

someone posted

Tommy Le Baker Boulangerie Pâtisserie

Cuisines Bakery
Business Hour 10.00am - 8.00pm (Tuesday - Friday) 10.00am - 6.00pm (Weekends & Publich Holidays) Closed on Monday

yum, after trying their Camembert, brie and Pont l’eveque soft cheese, i prefer Camembert which is slightly more solid than brie.

babylightning posted 546 Reviews

Hup Kee Seafood Restaurant 合记海鲜饭店

Cuisines Seafood

Located at Jalan Ipoh 4 1/2 miles, near mosque… a really old establishment

Deep fried Mah Yeaw Yee was delicious and crispy. I enjoyed eating the crispy fish head and belly

hAppYHapPy posted 740 Reviews

Restoran Uma Rani

Cuisines Indian

Batu 5 Hokkien Mee

Cuisines Chinese

Another good place for an evening noodle in Kuala Lumpur.

hAppYHapPy posted 740 Reviews

Restoran Leng Kee (Clay Pot) & Bak Kut Teh Centre

Cuisines Chinese

With everything considered, Leng Kee’s Bak Kut Teh is good but not as good as our favorite. On the other hand, their braised pork and chicken feet might be worth your time if you have a liking for it.

vkeong posted 879 Reviews

Restoran Ipoh Road Yong Tow Foo

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 12.00pm - 10.00pm (daily)

Among all, the fish ball is the most not worth it to be priced at RM1.30/pc.

Pas De Nom posted 471 Reviews

1 Stop Cafe

Cuisines Western

This restaurant dwelled inside the lane just beside the famous dim sum restaurant at Jalan Ipoh. Their menu is pretty comprehensive from all sorts of dai chow dishes, western food & an array of different types of desserts. (Both Western & Eastern). 1-Stop Cafe operated under LOP Management Services Sdn Bhd

Overall it’s a good place to try if you’re near by Jalan Ipoh area.

goldfries posted 138 Reviews

Restoran Steamboat King.

Cuisines Steamboat
Business Hour 5:00pm – 1:30am

Anyway, Steamboat King is like your usual steamboat place. What was different is that they have this "Pok Pok Chooi" (which means very crispy in Cantonese) item on the menu. It's actually deep fried beancurd skin, tasting slightly different from the usual types we get from the Yong Tau Foo stall. It's extremely crispy and it's good enough to be eaten on its own, not dunked into the soup.

Fish Ball Mee KNL Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

they were very famous in their fish ball noodle.

hAppYHapPy posted 740 Reviews