Williams Mamak

Top 10 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 10 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western Local
Business Hour Around 6pm - wee hours of the morning

William is pretty expensive for mamak but the food is good and might even pawn beat some 5-star restaurants (food wise and environment wise).

Maddy said that the food from Williams were really good and she was satisfied.

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Coconut Shake Klebang

Top 50 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 10 Restaurants in Melaka
Cuisines Local
Business Hour Sat-Thurs, 12:30pm-6:30pm; Fri 2pm-6:30pm

This roadside stall is getting more famous by the day and sometimes have to queue up due to huge crowds.

A hidden gem, Klebang Coconut Shake, Melaka. Serving best coconut shake ever.

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Top 50 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 10 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour Mon.-Sun. : 11am - 2am

Japanese buffet at its most extravagant, with the freshest of seafood, tempura, sashimi and even cooked-on-demand fare brought straight to your table. At a reasonable buffet price the atmosphere is casual, relaxed and elegant. Great place indeed; nice dining area with a wide range of seafood spread available; everything from fish to scallop to oysters to clams to Sashimi to crabs and lobsters! Jogoya is a famous japanese buffet chain from Taiwan. Unlike the likes of Saisaki in UOA2, Jogoya is meant to be more high class.

I have heard a lot about this place since it opened its doors in 2006. I heard about the wide selection of food and how the ice-cream served here is from Häagen-Dazs and New Zealand Natural. Mum and Dad were not too impressed when they visited, though. Same here, other than the wide selection of food, I was not too impressed with the quality of the food.

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Funny Mountain Soya Bean 奇峰

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 10 Restaurants in Perak
Cuisines local
Business Hour 10.30am – 7.30pm daily

THE Tan brothers have been churning out two goodies Ipoh seems to be associated with – soyabean milk and curd – since the early 1950s. Product and service quality have remain unchanged. You can either stop your vehicle in front of the stall, signal a little and the workers will deliver your orders. Or walk to the stall and get your drinks after a short wait.

Never had taufufa THIS SMOOTH! Definitely must try. Although portion is quite small, but very reasonable as it cost only RM1

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Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 100 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Malaysian
Business Hour 4pm - 1am

Highly recommended for desserts, their icy dessert has very fine textured ice.

nice mango loh, honeydew loh...and other types of `loh' desserts. Nice variety of snacks with affordable prices



Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Local
Business Hour 11.30am – 12.00pm (Sunday – Thursday) 11.30am – 1.00am (Friday, Saturday and public holiday’s eve)

Sakura, established since 1977, for famous local cuisine; needs no further introduction, has been a landmark and touristy spot too for the foreigners.

Sakura Nasi Lemak once is the pioneer for Authentic Nasi Lemak. The last time I dining in Sakura Restaurant is about more than 15 years ago :-p. Located in Jalan Imbi, and this restaurant also offer other oriental cuisine.

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Bora Asmara

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

Padi House

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Local Western

Padi House, pretty interesting and creative name, don’t have to travel more than 10 kilometres to the nearest “mixed rice” source.The cafe has an open-air concept, pretty much like any coffee shop but the seats are quite comfy.

The other day, before dropping off my brother to his university in Cyberjaya after the long Christmas and New Year break, we managed to crash in at Padi House Restaurant for dinner. It was an early dinner at 4pm though. Padi House was recommended by my brother, Ivan who told me it was a rather popular place to chill out especially since it was a short driving distance away from Multimedia University Cyberjaya.

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Glutton Street (贪吃街)

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 10 Restaurants in Johor
Cuisines Local

Muar famous Glutton Street (贪吃街) is the Yellow and Pink area and is along Jalan Ali and Jalan Haji Abu. You can find a lot of hawker stall across the road. The food is available for takeaway or order and eat inside the restaurant nearby.

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Pasar Air Itam

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 50 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Local
Business Hour 12.00pm to 10pm. Off day Tuesday

Foremost and famous Air Itam Asam Laksa, some claim they are the best in Penang, some even said this is the best Asam Laksa.

WTF!!! I came to visit this place because somesay the laksa is one of the must try food in Penang. My wife and I wanna save room for some other delicous food in Penang, so we just order 1 laksa and we share it. My friends also ordered 1 laksa and share with his wife. Out of sudden the beverage stall worker automatically put 3 sugar cane ice and force you to pay. WTF! Why must I drink sugar cane in the first place! I was intented to order coconut ice because the weather is hot and try to cool down the heat but... F***, I rejected him and he try to threatened me by saying "You must order drink in order to have laksa here"... !@#$. I don't like to be forced to do something that I don't want to and still I rejected him again. !@#$. Finally the laksa is served and it cost RM3.50 each and my wife gave the old lady RM50. After waited for like 20mins, the old lady still hasn’t returned RM43 and I called the lady for my change. The f***ing old aunty return me just RM3 and insist she accepts only RM10 from my wife. WTF, RM50 become RM10!! I argue with her and she runs back to the stall (maybe trying to get cover from the stall owner). I followed her to the stall and start asking for the change from the owner. F***, the owner said that the aunty will only accept RM10 from customer and for RM50, other worker will collect from you. WHAT?! I was stunned and this is the first time I heard this kind of reason to cheat money. The stall owner also said I should have asked for the change immediately. !@#$ F***, they have many customer and very busy so it is normal for them to take time to return my change. Their worker start to accuse I have made a mistake. F***!! No point to keep arguing with this kind of rude people, my wife throw back the RM3 at them and stormed out….. F*** spoiled my holiday mood…. Rm50 for 2 F***ing asam laksa!! Your food is famous doesn’t mean you have the right to treat customer in such manner.


Kedai Kopi Hai Peng

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 10 Restaurants in Terengganu
Cuisines Local
Business Hour (6.45am – 6pm)

When asked about competition, she admitted that while there are many coffees shops around the area, she remains unperturbed. Such is her confidence in her blend of coffee, which uses 100% APS Arabic beans imported from Brazil, Indonesia and Columbia. These special beans are roasted using the Italian roasting method to bring out an aromatic smell and unique taste. In fact, due to overwhelming demand, Hai Peng Coffee Shop has started packaging the coffee and selling them off the shelf.

Known to be a very popular place for pit-stop by travelers. The kopitiam is always filled with people with aroma of food and coffee. Service is relatively slow though and are slightly pricy yet quality of food is good.

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Penang One

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Local
Business Hour Mon - Sun: 9:30 am - 9:30 pm (closed for break after lunch hours)

Famous Penang Foods Come Together, We bring Original Penang Famous Food to you, no need to travel 400 KM for famous good food :-) Directly from Penang!!! By the Original Masters with years of track records!! Now at Bandar Puteri Puchong.

A place that gathered Penang’s famous street food from different places in Penang, all under one roof: making it easier for the local KL folks to savour the northern delicacies comfortably and also lessen the cravings of Penangite from missing their local delights perhaps

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Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 50 Restaurants in Perak
Cuisines Local
Business Hour 7am to 6pm (Sunday Off)

A highly recommended breakfast joint, even if only for the toasts and coffee.

A place to enjoy the original Ipoh white coffee and it is proved good by the amount of patrons here. Be warned that this place is not air-conditioned, chaos & noisy with activities, for those who can’t stand all these, this is not a place for you!

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Bon Bon's Cafe

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Business Hour Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm, Sat: 8am - 5.30pm, Closed on Sunday

This café operated for more than 10 years, famous for its durian cakes and Tiramisu with brandy.

Christmas Pie: Combination of Vanilla Ice Cream and Pie. Hot and Cold made you feel like you are in heaven.The pie contains raisins and some other mixed fruits.

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Ming Tien

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Local

This is my favorite spot for budget dinner whenever I shopping at MidValley or One Utama.

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