Oscar Coffee & Food

Cuisines Cafe
Business Hour 10am - 10pm

Overall it was a pleasant experience and we enjoyed the Nitro Coffee and sashimi more than anything else. A word of warning though, avoid sitting outside the restaurant as the area seems to be having a serious issue with flies. To be fair it’s not the restaurant’s fault – I think it affects everyone who stays here.

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KG Korean Charcoal BBQ

Cuisines Korean BBQ Buffet
Business Hour 11:00AM - 10:00PM

Overall it was an enjoyable dinner and we felt our money was well spent here. As long as you set your expectations straight I don’t think you’d go home disappointed. After all, KG is an ‘eat all you can’ restaurant so you can’t expect the quality of the food to be fantastic. There are a couple of pros to pick KG over Kilo Grill such as no time limit, more food choices and more family/group dining friendly due to more space. Not to mention the ventilation here is much better as well so your clothes won’t smell as bad later.

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Kid Thung Noodle & Thai Street Food

Cuisines Thai
Business Hour 12:00PM - 10:00PM

Overall, I see a good potential in Kid Thung. So I hope they will fix the food presentation and serving size because the menu photos are misleading. Above all, the milk tea must be fixed because it’s the one thing they could not afford to get wrong.

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Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory 치르치르

Cuisines Korean Fried Chicken

The Crispy Fried version shown above is marinated for six hours in their house-seasoning before going into the fryer. Perfectly cooked, so crispy you can even see it’s the real deal.

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The Jungle City Kitchen & Bar

Cuisines Cafe Western Asian
Business Hour 5pm - 12am

As usual, food is my main focus so lets dive into that shall we? Before coming here, I kept my expectations low as not to avoid disappointment, if any. Unfortunately, we still walked away feeling dissatisfied with the food and the service.

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Yoogane Malaysia

Cuisines Korean

All in all, we had a blast at Yoogane and there was never a dull moment throughout the meal because of the table side cooking. The pricing is reasonable considering the high quality of the ingredients and service provided. We would gladly return again since Yoogane is one of the more unique restaurants in 1 Utama.

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Yezi Steamboat Mont Kiara 椰子

Cuisines Steamboat

That night, we had the Imperial Canton Broth (normal price RM88) which was prepared with a combination of sweet cabbage, bacon, coconut juice, kampung chicken and loads of dried scallops. The broth tastes very traditional and homey, it’s like something your grandmother would cook without regards to the amount of ingredients used – as long as it turns out nutritious and flavorful. As far as steamboat broth goes, this has to be the one of most impressive I have ever had. One sip is all you need to tell the difference in quality.

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Green Lane Noodles

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 7.30am - 3.30pm Closed on alternate Wednesday

Overall, I’d give Green Lane Noodles a solid 7/10 for what we had. I think they are doing a good job considering the number of dishes they have to prepare. There are a couple of other things we did not try which include lobak and koay teow th’ng. Recommended to try if you need a fix of Penang food. I’d definitely be a regular here if only they weren’t so far away.

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Souled Out

Cuisines Western

The second dish we had was the Sizzling Lamb Cutlet @ RM36 which came highly recommended by the manager. The recommendation was spot on and not only our Indian colleagues loved it, we (the locals) also thought it was delicious and had to get one for ourselves. The masala sauce was rich and had a touch of heat to give it a little kick and we gladly mopped it up with the naan.

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Antonios Trattoria Calabria Antonio's TTDI

Cuisines Italian
Business Hour 10:30AM - 3:00PM, 6:00PM - 11:00PM

Experience a variety of delectable Italian delights at Antonio's - your friendly neighbourhood trattoria!

I just had probably the worst Italian meal in my life at Antonio’s Trattori Calabria. You know how sometimes you walk into a restaurant the vibe doesn’t feel right immediately? It was exactly like that here.

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Big Tree Foot (大树脚) Roadside Hawker

Top 100 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 10 Restaurants in Perak
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 8:30am - 5:30pm Closed on Sunday

Ipoh’s famous “Big Tree’s Foot” (called Tai Shu Keok in Cantonese) which located at Pasir Pinji with a friend. Basically, this place is kinda dusty and untidy as it’s located by the roadside. The hawkers erected some canopies probably due to some complaints by customers that leaves falling from above.

Most of the yong tau fu we had were decent but not really outstanding. The only item that was special enough to be memorable was the ‘sar kot’ (stuffed turnip) – mainly because it was my first time having it, and we don’t get this in KL. But then again, I get comments saying there are plenty of other places that make tastier ‘sar kot’.

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Pablo Cheesetart Pablo Baked Cheese Tart

Cuisines Japanese Pastry
Business Hour 10am - 10pm

日本人气No.1 现烤半熟起司塔 Japan's Most Popular Freshly-Baked Rare Cheese Tart

We also had the opportunity to try their Freshly Baked Chocolate Cheese Tart (RM49.90) at the pre-launch event. It is perhaps the heaviest tasting cheese tart we have tried so far – I think you guys will love this. The chocolate flavor is pronounced without being overpowering and the sweetness really hit the spot.

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Cuisines Western

When the food finally arrived, it was disappointingly average. For RM49, I’d consider their homemade ravioli pasta both over-priced and underwhelming for its portion. There’s too much pasta and not enough filling so we could only taste mostly flour and mushroom. A pity considering the braised beef filling was delicious.

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Kesom Cafe PJ

Cuisines Malay
Business Hour Monday-Saturday, 10am-8pm (closed Sunday)

My Nasi Dagang with Gulai Ikan Raja Berangkat @ RM13 was equally delicious. The firm yet fluffy texture of the rice is faultless while the fish lives up to its name – fit for a king. I also had the A.P.A (Apa Pun Ada) drink @ RM3.50 but I found the taste a tad watered down. Refill is only 50 cents though.

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Gold Bar

Cuisines Bar Western
Business Hour Sun - Thu: 4:00PM - 12:15AM Fri, Sat: 4:00PM - 2:00AM

Gold Bar is more than a bar, equipped with a full fledged kitchen serving hearty meals & other porky delights to pair with our 20 types of craft beer!

Next, Thai Pork Neck @ RM14 – masterfully crafted dish that’s bursting with freshness and flavor. Every slice is succulent with a crispy skin – highly enjoyable and recommended.

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