Hao You Teluk Kumbar Seafood (公巴好友海鲜) @ Teluk Kumbar

Teluk Kumbar, Penang
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Address84, Mukim 9
Teluk Kumbar
11920 Penang

Located behind the closed down Yellow Bus Terminal on the left side of the road from Penang airport.

槟城公巴海湾 (养正学校对面小巷)
Business Houropen daily except Tuesday and operates from 5.30pm till 10pm.
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This restaurant with its quiet and pleasant location also has a good picturesque sunset view off Gertak Sanggul.
Four Meat Crab (RM52), Stingray Siam Style (RM15), Razor Clams (RM6), Deep fried Calamari (RM6), Variation Grilled (RM0.70), Satay (RM 0.70/ stick), Fried Sotong (RM 8), Kong Poh Mantis Prawn (RM 10), Singapore Bihun (RM 6), Kam Heung Mussel (RM 10), Coconut Juice (RM 4.00)
crabs cooked with salted duck egg

Stir Fried Vegetable, Sour and Spicy Chicken Wings, Signature Tofu with Dried Mushrooms, Siew Bak Choi, Satay, Tom Yam Fish, Crabs Stir-fried in Salty Duck Egg Yolk, Peng” Crabs, Kam Heong Prawns, Squid and Mantis Prawn

Kam Heong Prawns, Squid and Mantis Prawn

Baked Crabs, Succulent Sweet and Sour Crabs


Clamps In Herbal Soup, Shell Liked Clamp, Fried Squid With Curry Powder, Steamed Fish, Fried Mantis Prawn, Stir-Fried Crab In Sweet And Sour Sauce, Fried Seafood Bee Hun, Satay
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