Hong Kong Food Culture 港饮港食粥面餐厅

Cuisines Hong Kong
Business Hour 11.00am - 10.00pm (daily)

A Restaurant that offers Hong Kong style of food & milk tea

Overall, it is not a bad place to dine in to have a feel of the Hong Kong style cafe. The food are delicious at a reasonable price.

Pas De Nom posted chillout-soulout-freakout.blogspot.com 471 Reviews

Shikiya Restaurant

Cuisines Japanese Thai

This restaurant is located at Lower Ground Floor of Low Yat Plaza near escalator.

Overall the food lacks taste. I left the place with my hunger satisfied and thirst quenched but I wasn’t enjoying it.

goldfries posted www.buurps.com 138 Reviews

Sushi Zanmai

Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour 11.00 am -11.00 pm

It was a bad experience when we were first time dine-in at Sushi Zanmai at The Garden.. We decided to give it a try again at different place.. It was a bad experience when we were first time dine-in at SushiZanmai at The Garden. We decided to give it a try again at different place. There’s one day I went to shop with sisters for CNY clothes around KL area. We wanted to dine in at Fahrenheit, but too queue was too long. So we decided to stop by at Sushi Zanmai, Lowyat. Luckily we just need to wait for awhile at there before being seated. The services at there are quite good, BUT the food served was SUPER SLOW. It is worth when the food is delicious. And this is our first time having Japanese food together after so long. LOL.

LoveEatShop94 posted loveeatshop94.blogspot.com 24 Reviews

Pie Harbour

Cuisines Western

Pie Harbour is the brainchild of a low-profile individual during his study abroad in Australia. Observing the lack of quality pies in the Malaysian market, he seized the opportunity to introduce a brand here to proselytize his philosophy on quality pies.

pamela_ybc posted www.malaysianfoodie.com 997 Reviews

The Soya Shop

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 10.00am – 10.00pm

The Soya Shop served great Tang Yuan with soy milk. It is a great dessert for the young as well as the old.

Daimon Okonomiyaki (大門広島風お好み焼き)

Cuisines Japanese

This restaurant is located next to Mr. Teppanyaki. This restaurant is small and there were only a few seats available. They serve authentic Hiroshima okonomiyaki.

I was so disappointed!

ojsiew posted ojsiew.blogspot.com 633 Reviews

Okonomiyaki Citarasa Asli Hiroshima

Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour Opening Hours : 1130 – 2130

Churros Royale - Spanish Donut & Coffee

Cuisines Dessert

The Churros (Spanish Donut) is superb delicious especially eat together with the dipping sauces!

Cornery - Popcorn Gallery

Cuisines Snack

This has got to be the best popcorn in the world! Cornery originated from Singapore and this Low Yat outlet is the first in KL. I am a big fan of popcorn. I have spent so much money on Garrett Popcorn. Now then I have a cheaper and more delicious option. I would have saved $$$ (or eaten more popcorns... hehe) if they have opened earlier. 11 popcorn flavours are available. Butterscotch, Chocolate, Caramel, Green Tea, Peanut, Bubble Gum, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, Tom Yum, Cajun, Wasabi. Butterscotch was the one that did wonders for me. Half of Garrett's smallest pack!


The best popcorn I have tasted! The popcorns are made fresh daily in the store. The price is half of Garrett Popcorn and yet I like the taste and quality better. The store allows customers to sample all flavours before buying. Isn't that cool? The popcorns still tasted good even after a week. That means I can buy more and stock up the next time I go all the way to Bukit Bintang. This is my new indulgence. :)

happyboy posted

Causeway Bay Cafe

Cuisines Hong Kong
Business Hour Low Yat Plaza Operating Hours

Causeway Bay is yet another Hong Kong Food café. This restaurant is sponsored by a lot of IT vendors for the decoration of their shops.

Taro Ramen Japanese Noodle Restaurant

Cuisines Japanese

But unlike other establishments in the near vicinity, we like Taro Ramen for trying its best to remain as authentic to the original Japanese cuisine it represents as possible.

harrycath posted www.harrycath.com 20 Reviews