Overseas Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

Everything is good. Will go back there for the dim sum one day.

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Sawasdee Kitchen - Sri Petaling

Cuisines Thai
Business Hour 12.00pm - 3.00pm, 5.30pm - 10.30pm

In my opinion, their signature Pad Thai and Pineapple Fried Rice did a very good job to impress me but their tom yam is rather disappointing. I would prefer a Thai restaurant that can do the perfect job on all the three basic Thai signature food. Service wise, they should hire a Thai waiter/waitress instead of worker from other nationalities which cannot understand what their patron wants.

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Soft Launch Cafe

Cuisines Cafe Dessert
Business Hour Mon, Wed-Fri: 12pm - 11pm Sat, Sun: 11am - 11pm Closed on Tuesday

Overall, it was an upset because their coffee is not up to standard. Hopefully they will do something about their coffee, improve their waffle and add varieties on their soft serve. If they do not have enough machines to provide different kind of tastes, they always can have 2 different flavors each day for 7 days which means a total of 14 different tastes. I would like to revisit them everyday to try every each one of the taste if they do that! Total Damage: RM59.00++ Ambiance: 4/5 Service: 3/5 Food Serving Speed: Moderate Will I Revisit?: No

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Sourakuya 創樂屋

Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour Tue - Fri: 12:00PM - 3:00PM, 6:00PM - 10:00PM Sat, SUn: 12:00PM - 10:30PM Closed on Monday

Tonkotsu-Shoyu Ramen – RM21.20 The noodles was springy and the broth was really good too. Very flavoursome and not too oily, it’s like having ramen from a Japanese home. Their chasu (pork belly) was very succulent too.

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Sushi Tsen

Cuisines Japanese

Overall, this Japanese restaurant is serving Japanese cuisine to those who doesn't really know how a true Japanese cuisine really taste like. It is a horrible experience especially for those who had been to Japan before. If they would want to survive, they need to start getting fresher stocks and serve buffet style instead.

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WaffleWaffle! - Sri Petaling Laundfle café by Waff

Cuisines Cafe Dessert
Business Hour Mon - Thu: 11:00AM - 10:00PM Fri, Sat: 11:00AM - 11:00PM Sun: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

咖啡愛好者將透過週一至週五(公共假期除外),下午3點至6點推出的【Buy 1 Free 1】優惠,盡情地品嚐咖啡,沈浸在誘人的咖啡香氣當中。

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Imperial Art Cottage

Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour Tue – Sun: 11am – 9pm (close on Monday)

The Mapo beancurb doesn't taste like the mapo tauhu at all. It taste quite similar to the sweet & sour rice above with more spicy and sour. I think the taste of their Chinese food need to be improved. Just go for their Japanese food!

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Kam Lun Tai Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

Fortunately, the Kam Lun Tai brand held its name well as a food establishment in the country. Overall, the quality of the food was plausible but a little expensive!

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Original Charcoal BBQ Uncle R

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Mon- Sat : 11.30am- 11.00pm Sun : 3.30pm- 11.00pm Closed on Tuesday

Highly recommended for a very affordable western meal in a comfortable air conditioned environment.

This restaurant serves only Western meal that is using traditional way of charcoal grill.

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Drinks Cafe Bar

Cuisines Local Western

Drinks, Food and Entertainment. Great ambience with large screen projection.

Taiwan Dami 台湾大米

Cuisines Taiwanese
Business Hour 10am -10pm

Overall, something must be praised out is they perfectly mixed the Taiwanese food with Japanese food, and come out another fusion cuisine, the idea is extremely creative. But the quality of the food has to be improved.

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Da Chang Jin Korean Restaurant (大长今韩国料理专门店)

Cuisines Korean

The restaurant is located across Hotel Sri Petaling. Easily noticeable.

Served with rice, this costs RM10 during lunch time. The soup was spicy and sour, it was really good!

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