Restoran Ye Look (以勒海鲜饭店)

Cuisines Local

Ye Look Restaurant served pan mee (板面), which is a type of noodle that is handmade from kneaded flour. Drop by when you need something cheap and speedy!


这家餐厅的价钱公道,菜色多元,且容易停车。 这里的翻桌率非常高,通常是顾客一离开,员工就立刻收拾干净,让在等待的顾客可以坐下。

Low Sze Shin posted
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Restoran Fast Food Fish Head

Cuisines Chinese

This restaurant specialises in cooking and serving wild river fishes that are caught in the Pahang state.

The good thing about this shop is that the fish is always fresh and although it is a little pricy, it is worth considering the freshness of the fish.

Duckie posted 304 Reviews

Da Chang Jin Korean Restaurant (大长今韩国料理专门店)

Cuisines Korean

The restaurant is located across Hotel Sri Petaling. Easily noticeable.

Served with rice, this costs RM10 during lunch time. The soup was spicy and sour, it was really good!

wenching_86 posted 208 Reviews

Calorie Restaurant

Cuisines Hong Kong Western
Business Hour 11am to 12am (Midnight)