noweating reviewed The 1885 @ Eastern & Oriental Hotel

Pricing-wise, one misconception from most people (including us) about fine dining is that the food portion is usually small compared to the premium you have to pay for.
noweating reviewed Monkeycup Cafe @ Jalan Chow Thye

For us, Monkeycup is more than just selling coffees. It is able to serve fast lunch to working class nearby, as well as Western+Thai cuisine which can blended in so well.
noweating reviewed Crab & Lobster @ Straits Quay

Crab and Lobster is actually designed for the whole family to dine in. Assorted sparkling drinks are also available in the cooler. With so many drinks, you are also welcomed to come over and just grab some drinks from the cooler.
noweating reviewed Freddo @ D'Piazza Mall

Compared to conventional ice cream, Freddo ice cream contains less sugar and is more delightful to enjoy.
noweating reviewed Ming Yuan Seafood Steamboat 明苑自助海鲜火锅 @ 1-Square

As a whole, Ming Yuan is a place for fresh seafood and anything fresher you have to catch them your own.
noweating reviewed Cool N2 @ Elit Avenue

As a whole, Cool N2 offers lighter and smoother made-to-order nitrogen ice cream not only appealing outside, but also healthier inside.
noweating reviewed Eastin Hotel Penang @ Queensbay

In conjunction with Christmas, Eastin Hotel Penang is pleased to offer you Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Buffet starting from RM82 nett per adult. We attended its preview session for some highlights of the buffet.
noweating reviewed David Brown’s Restaurant and Tea Terrances @ Strawberry Hill

David Brown’s never disappoint us with their dessert.
noweating reviewed Milkcow @ Automall Maritime Piaza

As a whole, Milkcow provides healthier and premium soft serve ice cream compared to competitors.
noweating reviewed US Pizza restaurant @ Green Lane

Penangites who prefer something spicy can even go for their special Penang Special (anchovy/green pepper/onion/tuna/chili powder) or Tomyam Chicken Deluxe pizza. For customers of four, we recommend the new San Francisco Fabulous 4.