Purple Pasta Restaurant & Cafe

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour Mon - Sun: 10:30 am - 11:00 pm

Affordable fine dining quality pasta and foods + medium roast coffee (3rd wave coffee)

Overall Rating: 7.5/10. With a new and exciting menu firmly in place, Purple Pasta would do fine, provided the food served are consistently good.

spicysharon posted www.spicysharon.com 315 Reviews

Baci Italian Cafe

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour Daily. 1000 hours till 2200 hours.

I love the awesomely good smoked duck which comes flavourful and what’s more is the melts in the mouth chessy sensation. Awesomely good.

pamela_ybc posted www.malaysianfoodie.com 997 Reviews

D'Italiane Kitchen

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour 1130am till 11pm

I love the Seafood Soup. Thick in gravy, full with seafood. It is not really spicy, somehow a bit similar like tomato soup. Food served in quite a big portion. equivalent to its high price I guess? Service is good, staff are friendly, just that the waiting time for food is quite long.

Jojo Sim posted jojodreamsjourney.weebly.com

Italiannies Pasta Pizza & Vino

Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour 11am - 12pm daily 7 days a week, kitchen closes at 10:30pm

Italiannies is very well decorated, very italian, complete with plaster walls etched with wise words such as “Eat Well, Live Long … and wooden panels, dimmed lightings and whispering waiters.The spaghetti … PERFETTO perfectly boiled.

Lunch wasn't as good as we expect it would be. I think we would get something better at Pizza Ria at SS2 with the price we're paying. And definitely the soup would be better. But the environment here is better though. Hopefully their dinner sets are better than this.

stevenycs posted craving4food.blogspot.com 281 Reviews

Restorante de Italiano Capricciosa

Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour Mon - Sun: 10 am - 10 pm

Capricciosa serves authentic Italian food and is made famous in Japan since 1978, that's 34 years of history!

We love the crisp streaky beef and pepperoni which taste wonderful on the pizza.

jkdrooling posted jkdrooling.blogspot.com 199 Reviews


Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour Tuesday - Sunday: 11.00am - 03.00pm, 05.00pm - 11.00pm close on Monday

Signature: Crispy Pork Knuckle, Pork Burger, BBQ Pork Ribs..!! Cater for indoor private functions. Seating capacity 60-80. Buffet price range from rm32-rm80.

The pasta sauce basically taste very much the same, tomatoey with hints of chicken granules taste (as i find it is little bit too salty), not going back definitely.

posted www.dishwithvivien.com 546 Reviews

Pizzeria Bella Italia

Cuisines Western Italian Halal
Business Hour 11am till 10pm

The good service, the homey feeling it gives me and the food... all within reasonable price.

The food today was a bit disappointing maybe due to all of us ordering the same dish.

stevenycs posted craving4food.blogspot.com 281 Reviews


Cuisines Western Italian

Italiannies has to be one of my favourites places to eat at The Curve - it’s consistent, the portions are big, the ingredients are of good quality and the atmosphere is pretty nice.

Italianese is one of a brand that I assocciate closely to Sofia Pizza (in Melbourne Camberwell) when I back to Malaysia and head to KL during my first job in KL.

taufulou posted www.taufulou.com 674 Reviews

Avanti Italian-American Ristorante

Business Hour 11.30am - 2.30pm (Sat & Sun), 12.00pm - 2.30pm (Mon - Fri), 7.00pm - 10.30pm (Mon - Thurs & Sun) Lunch: 12.00noon – 2.30pm (Tue – Fri & Sun) Dinner: 6.30pm – 9.30pm (Tue – Sun) Closed on Saturday for lunch, and on Monday for lunch and dinner

Avanti brings Italian conviviality and contemporary America together in a casual atmosphere; resulting in the creation of time-honoured recipes with novel flavours. Experience and be captivated by our merry band of singing chefs and waiters who sing as they serve!

Verona Trattoria

Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour Open 12.00-14.30 and 18.00-22.00 Closed on Sunday

Simple and good Italian good, with nice deco and ambiance

ckiong posted ckiong.wordpress.com 6 Reviews


Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour Open 7 days a week

Unpretentious decor, bright lighting and incongruent music (Lionel Ritchie and a collection of the greatest love songs from the 80s is not something you expect to hear in an Italian restaurant) greets you as you enter it.

Personally, i think Nerovivo is still my preferred choice!

ojsiew posted ojsiew.blogspot.com 633 Reviews

Michelangelo's Italian Kitchen

Cuisines Western Italian

Will i return? Probably- i want to try their prawn pasta and when i do not want to pay nerovivo prices.

neko1712 posted neko-no-hime.blogspot.com 145 Reviews

Puzzini Swedish Pizza

Business Hour Mondays – Friday: 11.00am – 3.00pm & 5.00pm – 10.00pm Saturday, Sundays & Public Holidays: 11.00am – 10.00pm

Puzzini Swedish Pizza in Damansara Utama is a small restaurant with pizza as their speciality. It is quite famous among the neighbourhood there.

summerkid posted summerkid123.blogspot.com 235 Reviews

Fasta Pasta Restaurant

Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour open daily, 10-10pm

Fasta Pasta is an Australian chain restaurant. All pasta are made fresh daily. Apparently, it's learnt that Fasta Pasta has over 36 restaurants in Australia, spanning Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and 2 years ago, they have then expanded internationally into Malaysia. At Fasta Pasta, it's known that da pasta is low in fat, low in kilojoules and it has a good source of fibre. Besides that, I was told that they use Unbleached Flour; free of chemical and use Wheat Pasta because it has a slow release of carbohydrate into our body and give us a longer-lasting energy.

Do try this place for good wholesome Italian food with the aussie feel.

neko1712 posted neko-no-hime.blogspot.com 145 Reviews

icook Italian Gastronomia

Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour Mon-Fri, 8am-9:30pm; Sat, 12pm-10:30pm (Closed on Sundays)


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