Restoran Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri

Top 100 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 50 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Malay Halal
Business Hour Lunch onwards till dinner, Opens daily 11 am till 12 midnight except Fridays 3pm onwards

Overall, the taste is pretty good and they certainly have many returning customers like my friends, at times can dine 2-3 days in a row .

taufulou posted 674 Reviews

Softsrve - Ice Cream & Dessert Bar

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 50 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Dessert
Business Hour 11am to 11pm. Closed on Mondays.

Food Rating 7/10, Cereal vanilla is not bad, oh well – on the pricing only.!

taufulou posted 674 Reviews

Annie 1 Cafe

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Mon-Fri – 7.30am – 9.30pm Sat-Sun, PH – 8.30am – 3.30pm

wan ton mee , noondle has great texture. the kind of noodle that is made of whole egg. Char Siew was great too. will be back.

suyee posted 402 Reviews

Restaurant Damansara Hokkien Mee

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Open at night till late, Daily, 5pm - 2am

Not overly fried, not too oily. A good place for supper.

For both outlet, there are flaws here and there and overall food range they have, I prefer the other outlet. However for this outlet, I prefer their Stir Fried Hokkien Mee.

taufulou posted 674 Reviews

Restaurant Ratha Raub

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Indian

This place never fails to satisfy us and remains one of our favourite Indian/Muslim restaurants. Must-try dishes include the fried lamb, fried squid, fried chicken, chicken curry, nasi lemak and roti canai (in no particular order). Oops, did I just name almost everything I've eaten here? ^_*



Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western
Business Hour Mon-Thurs 13:00 – 23:00 Fri-Sat 13:00 – 01:00 Sun 12:00 – 23:00

Both of the interior design and lighting design of TSUJIRI abroad is left in the charge of Shozo Toyohisa, the world-famous lighting design master. Shozo Toyohisa has created a lot of works seen in boutiques and stores around the world. His design presents nothing but art. The lighting presenting simplicity and calculated designation leaves strong, deep impressions.



Cuisines Western
Business Hour Open Daily from 9am till 10pm Closed on Public Holidays

They sell cupcakes definitely can satisfy a sweet tooth.

My gripes about plastic plates aside, Wondermilk is a cosy, quirky place that offers reliable food at a medium cost to the many who love the modern café culture, and I would certainly return for a cosy cuppa and a cake.

YouHadYourLunch posted 208 Reviews


Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour Mon‎: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm ‎Wed - Sat‎: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm ‎Sun‎: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm Closed on Tuesday

Hokano serves various Japanese food ranging from premium salmon teriyaki to assorted of sushi rolls.The main specialty is Hokano roll.

The gNOMes felt that the prices here were not worth it for the quality of food received. If such prices were to be maintained, the gNOMes expect a lot more.

renaelyng posted 76 Reviews

Brother John Burger

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 4pm to 5am, Closed on Monday

Deliciously juicy, sloppy and full of flavour.

I enjoyed my burger a lot as it gives a different experience compared to the rest.

vkeong posted 879 Reviews

Hon Kee Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Daily, 7am - 10pm

Hon Kee Porridge now has a branch in PJ Uptown!

Overall, it was comfy dining here as compared to the stall at Petaling Street. Maybe the cozy and comfortable environment makes the porridge here taste nicer than when she had at their Main stall at Petaling Street.

small kucing posted 554 Reviews

Fat Spoon

Cuisines Asian
Business Hour Closed on every Saturday.

fat spoon serves malaysian classics which we have grew up eating in our homes slightly updated with the chef's personal twists. as the decor is reflection of its foods, it was almost as if fat spoon's intention was to invoke childhood memories but just with a touch of sophistication, tugging at heart strings as you dine at the cozy restaurant. unfortunately, i think i was more besotted by its decor than by its food. if you're interested in trying, i'd say keep to the classic favorites.

siansysm posted 18 Reviews

Du Viet

Cuisines Vietnamese
Business Hour 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily

specialized in Vietnamese cuisine

MKP Lum Mee

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 8.00am – 3.00pm

Only difference between the thing is the noodle and of course price had increase.

taufulou posted 674 Reviews