Taj Garden Restaurant

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Cuisines Indian

South Indian, North Indian, Tandoori, Western Dishes, and do Home Delivery, Outdoor Catering Services and Buffet Arrangements. Best Place For Birthday Celebration and Romantic. Recommended place for budget peoples


Taj garden is the best Indian cuisine restaurant in brickfields. service was awesam. i like tandoori dishes in this restaurant.ambiance was romantic

ruvin dup posted www.facebook.com

Vishal Food & Catering

Cuisines Indian

We’re glad that we found a new joint for good banana leaf rice. We would go back to Vishal for the curry alone! For those of you who fancy a good curry, head over to Vishal in Brickfields as check it out!

wenching_86 posted www.eatonlylar.com 208 Reviews

Sathiyanery Vegetarian Food Centre

Cuisines Indian

It was busy working at the severy counter cum cashier and all system looking well in place and food were served fast. Cheers I shall be back.

hAppYHapPy posted tailim.blogspot.com 740 Reviews

Gem’s Restaurant

Cuisines Indian

Service wise it was quick but cool with an attitude.

vkeong posted www.vkeong.com 879 Reviews

Annalakshmi Vegetarian Restaurant

Cuisines Indian
Business Hour Closed on Mondays. Open for lunch from 11.30am to 3pm and dinner from 6.30 to 10.30pm.

Bad experience in Annalakshimi Restaurant Malaysia Well, here’s the incredible bad experience me and my husband had while we went into Annalakshimi Restaurant in Brickfields this afternoon. As usual, we walked into this fine dining vegetarian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, at Brickfields, the waiter an elderly man told us to sit at two seater table at the corner (dim light corner by the way). Since i would like to put my bag on a chair, i informed this waiter i would prefer 4 seater table (politely). Then he pointed us to the back of the area and told us to sit there at number 24th table, without leading the way. (Wow, does he need to control which table number we have to be seated) It was too far away from the food counter and there were several empty seats in the middle (i saw a 4 seater table with 2 person seated just now), so i would much prefer to sit in the middle. He then said, he expected crowd and he need to optimize their seatings. (FYI, there were lots of empty seats at that hour). And so my husband told him, it was already after lunch time. He’s replied back this way: “Just now i told you to sit at the 2 table seat and you don’t want, so i told you to sit at the back 4 seater seat and then now you said you want to sit in the middle.. Does that mean, we can’t choose where to sit when we paid for our food? It wasn’t cheap after all. With such customer service treatment?? Wow!. Even in cinema, you can select your seats, because you paid for it. The cashier never even once reply in such way (above). Such a “FINE Dining experience at Annalakshimi Restaurant Malaysia”.. Would you spend your money for such attitude? In the end, we don’t bother to argue with him for his rude behaviour, we left and had our lunch elsewhere with better treatment where our money are worth spending to.

rosamundwo posted rosamundwo.com

Jassal Tandoori Restaurant

Cuisines Indian Punjabi
Business Hour Monday to Thursday: 11:00am - 11:00pm Friday to Sunday: 11:00am - 11:30pm

Moorthy's Mathai Restaurant

Cuisines Indian Punjabi
Business Hour Mon - Sun: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm

A very good experience overall and a new food place on our list that we would go back to. We’ll be looking forward to try their banana leaf rice and briyani!

wenching_86 posted www.eatonlylar.com 208 Reviews

Restoran Chat Masala

Cuisines Indian

Frequenting this place often, their quality of food is consistent (even after 7 months). I On the downside, hygiene could be better.

ak2116 posted

The Legend’s Family Curry House Sdn Bhd

Cuisines Indian
Business Hour 6am – 11pm

Overall, their claypot beriani is very nice, they have delivery service with coverage to Bangsar, Seputih, Old Klang Road, Damansara Heights and City Center

babylightning posted www.dishwithvivien.com 546 Reviews


Cuisines Indian

Indeed, as a sign of the increased class of the restaurant, the drinks came in fairly fancy glasses (considering we were sitting on the side of the road), and the silver trays and pots were much smarter than the usual plastic plates and dishes.

YouHadYourLunch posted youhadyourlunch.blogspot.com 208 Reviews

Restoran B’Sentral

Cuisines Indian
Business Hour Open 8.00 am to 3.00 am daily

B'Sentral a hidden gem in the busy Brickfields. This newly-opened restaurant is gaining a reputation for being a notch above the rest.

It's like a mamak but better, it's serves from the usual food we eat in mamak to western food, and they also serve their very own special like the Claypot Beef Rice.

d_luaz posted music-fusion.blogspot.com


Cuisines Indian
Business Hour 0645 am to 2230 PM

Best Biryani in KL at this moment refer the star article and malaymail article. Fb hyderabad biryani house brickfields

Vishalachirs Restaurant Sdn Bhd

Cuisines Indian Chettinad

Just opposite 1 Sentral, the home of PWC in KL, have one of the best authentic Chettinad foods KL has to offer. This place servers a variety of curries and briyani on Banana leaf at an affordable price. The taste is superb, the quality of food, mouth watering.

Seetha Ram

Cuisines Indian

.. apart from the usual banana leaf fare, Seetharam also offers vegetarian dishes which are a definite plus, also it's the friendliest restaurant in Brickfields!

harrycath posted www.harrycath.com 20 Reviews