Restoran Hasbuna

Cuisines Mamak Malay Indian Halal

Love the Roti Special, which is Roti Canai with half boiled egg, superb combination! There's a satay store outside of the restaurant, which serves great satay, highly recommended.

mum2 posted

Mantra Restaurant & Bar

Cuisines Indian Asian
Business Hour Mon - Sun:11:00 am - 10:00 pm

Lamb Thali is a special Indian meal set. It consists of lamb curry, rassam soup, dhal, two vegetables, masala, papadam - all served on a banana leaf on a round tray. The place was nice and pleasant . The cascading water on the wall at one side created an ambiance.


Consistently executed great food; a little on the pricey side but fabulous ambience and view overlooking Sunway Lagoon is worth it.

dropsofcontentment posted 144 Reviews

Tetra House of Briyani

Cuisines Indian

I always come here for my Briyani craves, my favorite would be Mutton Briyani and manggo lassi on sat lunch... O>M>G... I can sleep for the rest of the day and be practically un-productive Their roti canai is quite good as well, crispy, well cooked (no uncooked flour between layers), ghee smells so good this with a combo of dhal.... WAH!!!!!! sorry i'm hungry right now... Their other Briyani are chicken, rendang, prawn

flore posted

Restoran ABC

Cuisines Indian
Business Hour everyday from 11am till 11pm

Kanna Curry House

Cuisines Indian

Kanna Curry House is not only famous for its traditional Indian curry and banana leave rice, but also fried seafood and meat.

Vishal Food & Catering

Cuisines Indian

We’re glad that we found a new joint for good banana leaf rice. We would go back to Vishal for the curry alone! For those of you who fancy a good curry, head over to Vishal in Brickfields as check it out!

wenching_86 posted 208 Reviews

Kapitan's Nasi Kandar International

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Indian
Business Hour Opens daily for breakfast, lunch & dinner

Cool place - just a walk away from Gurney Drive, nice environment and you can sit for hours. Good service and very reasonable price. And clean. I come here often with my colleagues for lunch and all of us love it. My sis and brother in law just came from KL and were desperate (oopsie! I meant sooooo desparate) to eat lunch at Kapitan's. They claimed a friend of theirs would come all the way to Penang just to eat at Kapitan's

Devi's Corner

Cuisines Indian
Business Hour Opens 24 hours

My new favourite place for Banana Leaf Rice.

I'm not a rice person and do not like to stuff myself with too much of rice, so for me to enjoy a banana leaf rice, it's kind of a rare affair.

babe_kl posted 308 Reviews

Legend's Claypot Briyani

Cuisines Indian
Business Hour Mon - Sun: 7:00 am - 11:00 pm

This is what I really like about this shop .. their briani rice.

Duckie posted 304 Reviews


Cuisines Indian

Pretty good authentic Indian vegetarian food where you decide how much to pay.

Mr Roti Canai

Cuisines Indian

Above all, its the plating style which impressed me the most. Of course, credit goes to the fish curry platter.


Food was not too bad and above all, its the plating style which captivated my attention. Of course, credit is also for the customer service.

Nava Krishnan posted 188 Reviews

Cendol and Rojak Jalan Kuching

Cuisines Indian

This cendol and rojak stall is on jalan kuching(near Jalan Ipoh), looking across the road, is old town white coffee kopitiam franchise store.

The rojak sauce is thick with a deep red colour. Taste wise it was not bad and should suit those who like their rojak slightly sweet. A bowl of cendol here was RM2. It’s not exactly great, but good enough to be enjoyed on a hot afternoon.

vkeong posted 879 Reviews

Mohd Yaseen Nasi Kandar

Cuisines Indian

By judging from the people queuing for the food it can vouch that the place is popular and the food must be good.

hAppYHapPy posted 740 Reviews

Ma'Cik Biryani

Cuisines Indian

This place has Buurps’ sign of approval for anyone with Biryani cravings.

goldfries posted 138 Reviews