Halle Suite House 涼茶館

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Cuisines Beverage
Business Hour 10.00am~1.00am

Halle Suite House 涼茶館 Jalan Tukang Besi 招牌: 珍珠、老山人参、薄荷、金牌龟苓膏 凉茶(廿四味,五花茶,龟苓药粉) 滋润补品 糖水 介绍: 不论是甜还是苦。特别是金牌龟苓有美容,清热解毒之效。 Traditional Herbal -Herbal Jelly 消暑佳品 -Herbal Tea -Birds Nest -Sreamed Egg 卖相好吸引的鲜奶炖蛋 -廿四味 ......Best 中国华佗涼茶館 一讲到龟苓膏,我就feel 到龟苓膏药材味。。。 中国华佗馆的龟苓膏真係好正宗,而且价钱亦非常合理。 锺意食龟苓膏嘅朋友一定要嚟试一试! There are many kinds of cooling herbal tea in this shop. The climate of Malaysia is tropical, with a primarily hot and humid climate. Cantonese people boil what are referred to as cooling herbs in Traditional Chinese medicine to made herbal tea, which is consumed in order to relieve the heat and humidity in the body. Therefore, Chinese herb tea is referred to as cold tea or cooling tea in the Chinese language.

The friendly lady boss introduce the herbal tea which is good for women. Not only can release heat, cholestrol but also for beauty. Like it.

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Juice D’ Fruitz Cold Pressed Juice

Cuisines Beverage

Eating out too often? Lack of balanced meals? Have been nagging yourself too much to eat more fruits and vegetables but just never work out? No worries. Grab a Juice D’ Fruitz cold-pressed juice from their outlets in Sunway Pyramid, The Mines Shopping Malls or Puchong SetiaWalk.

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Happy Coconut

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Cuisines Beverage
Business Hour open from 10.00am ~ 7.30pm daily

A small shop which sells fresh fruit juice or ice-blend, fresh young coconuts and of course our famous one and only "Coconut Shake" in Kluang. We only use the freshes coconut flesh, coconut water and a secret recipe to make it into a coconut ice-blend. We also have add-on's of Nata-de-Coco or Vanilla Ice-cream to be added to the coconut shake as well.

Ais Tingkap (Window Sherbet)

Cuisines Indian Beverage
Business Hour Open daily 12pm to 8pm Closed on Sundays

It is a sweet red colour flavored (rose essence) drink chilled with fine shaved ice served in chilled glass with pieces of coconut flesh.


Looks simple yet complex drinks. Best thirst quencher for sultry day

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Bobalicious Smoothies

Cuisines Beverage

Chocolate Bobalicious Chocolate Banana Bobalicious Greentea Vanilla Bobalicious Mango Orange Bobalicious Mixed Berry Bobalicious Oreo Banana Bobalicious Passion Mango Bobalicious Strawberry Banana Bobalicious Sour Sop Vanilla Bobalicious Lemonade Vanilla Bobalicious Cappuccino Hazelnut Bobalicious Peach Lemon Bobalicious

Jonker Gallery

Top 500 Restaurants in Melaka
Cuisines Beverage

Overall, these 4 beverages still excel better than some of the beverage products I have tested on the market.

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Froggy Milk Tea Cafe 青蛙王子热狗奶茶专卖店

Cuisines Cafe Beverage

I like the fragrant of the fried rice because of the fried white bait on top. Although, it is not much but a little makes all the different. If you are looking for rice instead of noodles, you can try this.

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Cuisines Beverage
Business Hour Saturday and Sunday (9am to 5pm) Take order during weekdays.


Kelapo Goncang Panchang

Cuisines Beverage


Cuisines Taiwan Beverage
Business Hour 10:30AM - 10:00PM EVERY DAY

Taiwan Tea & Snack,and Vegetarian Food


It's a nice place,have Wifi and good tea. I also like Grapefruit Beautea & Lime Melon Tea.

kuoshnick posted


Cuisines Beverage

I like the bubble tea here but I have to admit I’m no expert.

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Cuisines Beverage

Gong Cha

Cuisines Beverage

I used to addicted to Gong Cha because out of so many milk tea i have tried - ShareTea, Ochado, Ding Tea, Wu Cha, Chatime and etc, Gong Cha has the most unique tea.

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