Ho Ho Steamboat Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

This restaurant is usually packed during dinner hour, some of you may wonder why they offer only plain soup with same ingredients but still famous among others? Reason is because their dishes are fresh

Only thing i dont like about the place is you worry about your purse and bag most of the time which spoils some of the fun as you are on alert who is always behind you.

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A Little Dim Sum Place

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 9am to 3pm, 6.30pm to 12.30am (Tues to Fri), 9am to 12.30am (Sat and Sun). Closed on Monday

Place is clean and air-conditioned while the food are tasty and fresh..definately a great place to yumcha with family on Sunday. A good place to be to try some "innovative" dimsum.

Place is worth to go again for the dim sum, not the noodles. I am actually wanting to try the tong sui as well. They have some ranges of it but i didnt get to try.

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Yukie Seafod Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour fternoon – 12.00 noon to 3.00 pm, Evening – 6.00 pm to 12.00 midnight everyday except for the biweekly off on Monday

The piece de resistance was the drummets cooked in belancan sauce. Very yummy but very little.

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Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour Lunch: 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm (last order 2:15 pm) Dinner: 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm (last order 10:15 pm)

There are japanese dining in it which is a good sign. Highly recomended.

Definitely worth a second try again. I want another round of macha.

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Delicious by Ms Read

Cuisines Chinese

Overall I don't like the food but like the presentation, a good place for small bites and chit chatting.,

I recommend to those who come to this place next time.... to actually either come with a really EMPTY stomach or share. I am planning to try their breakfast options next time and their cakes.

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Restaurant Crocodile Farm

Cuisines Chinese

Quite tasty. Sauce is good with rice.

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Hong Kong Food Culture 港饮港食粥面餐厅

Cuisines Hong Kong
Business Hour 11.00am - 10.00pm (daily)

A Restaurant that offers Hong Kong style of food & milk tea

I do remember their Siew Yoke/Char Siew and siew ngap was quite nice. I might come back here to try again.

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Restoran Extra Super Tanker

Top 500 Restaurants in Malaysia
Top 100 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Monday – Sunday: 12PM-3PM & 6PM-11PM

If you are wondering why this eatery uses Extra Super Tanker as a name, it is because the owner finds it rather unique and easy people to remember. Just like the distinctive of the name, the customers, in addition, said that the food they are serving also unique in taste and hardly can be found in any other restaurants. Opened in July 2004, Extra Super Tanker is a Chinese restaurant in general but well known for it Seafood menu. They however, do serve family-type food preparation too. The head of chef, also the owner of the restaurant, always make sure that the food is prepared in its best. Therefore, most of the menu listed is required to be advanced in booking.

All in all this set us back about close to RM400 for 7 persons.

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Siu Siu Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Chinese

Will Neko come back here: YES, i want to eat the crab!!

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