Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ The Gardens

The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Kuala Lumpur
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AddressT 236, 3rd Floor,
The Gardes,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Good forFamily, Friends
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A contemporary ambiance that alternates between sophisticated, classy and adoring, the mirrors on the wall did gave an extended look to it. Ventilation was good… as it was seriously cold, they should work on this, but the service was excellent. Friendly staffs welcomed us responsively and good recommendations is what you’ll get.
Salmon Sashimi (RM30), King Prawn Roll (RM28), Ikura Chawanmushi (RM18), Soba Gozen (RM38),
‘Yuzu No.1’ (RM20), Santen Mori, Toro (tuna belly), Yellow Tail and Shell Fish Sahsimi, King Prawn Roll (RM28), Hokkai Nabe (RM68), Yuzu Ice Cream (RM8), Warabi Mochi (RM6), Kinoko Touban (RM16), Asara Butter Mushi (RM13), Yuzu Gozen (RM48),

Katsu Nabe Taki Komu Gohan Set カツ鍋炊きこみご飯御膳 RM25, Unagi Maki Sushi & Kaminabe set 鰻巻き寿司&紙鍋セット RM35, Sushi & Tempura Gozen寿司天婦羅御膳 RM38

Salmon (RM38 for 5 slices), Oyako Temaki (Salmon and Salmon roe hand roll) – RM 9 and California Temaki – RM 7, Katsu Nabe Taki Komi Gohan set that came with braised deep fried chicken cutlet and braised rice served with egg custard, 2 small appetizer, pickles, salad, fruits and miso soup (RM25), Unagi Maki Sushi & Kaminabe Set (RM35), Saba Shioyaki set – BBQ Mackerel fish with salt and special salad served with egg custard, 2 small appetizer, pickles, rice, miso soup, fruits and pudding! Definitely for Fish Lovers (RM28), King Prawn Roll (RM28) and Tamago Roll (RM 6), Cawanmushi (RM 8 ) and edamame (boiled soy bean, RM 8 ), Aji sashimi (horse mackerel, RM 55), yogowa sashimi (RM 35), shiro maguro (white tuna, RM 35), salmon sashimi (RM 20), uni/sea urchin (RM 150), Yuzu Bento (RM 38), Yuzu Gozen (RM 48), Unadon (RM 20), Ginmutsu Tofu Nabe (RM 68), Fugu Course Meal (RM150), Anmitsu (RM12), Hokkai Nabe (RM68), Yuzu Gozen (RM48), Salmon Yuzu Kosho and Saikoro Beef Set (RM40), Yuzu set (RM48), Yuzu Gozen (RM48), Isihiyaki Chicken Set (RM25), Unagi & Soba & Takigomi Gohan Set (RM39),
Soft Shell Crab salad , Salmon Sashimi , MsLadies Finger, fugu, Fugu Hotpot which consist of Fugu meat, head, liver and skin (aikss…didn’t wikipedia said skin is toxic?), silky smooth beancurd, enoki mushrooms, Japanese leek, Garland Crysanthemum (Tung Ho), Shitake Mushrooms, Glass Noodle, Carrots and Chinese Cabbage, white rice and a raw egg , seaweed and spring onions

Katsu Nabe Taki Komu Gohan Set, Deep Fried Chicken, Unagi Maki Sushi & Kaminabe Set, Rolled Japanese Eel Sushi, Sushi & Tempura Gozen

Matcha Tiramisu

teriyaki chicken set

Yakitori, Foie Gras Enoki Beef Maki, Kobe Beef, Negima or Skewered Chicken with Leek, Kinoko Touban, Asara Butter Mushi, Wagyu Beef Cubes, Mango Soft Shell Crab Nama Harumaki,
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