Chong Qing Chicken Hot Pot @ Kuchai Maju

Cuisines Chinese

Chong Qing Chicken Hot Pot located at Kuchai Maju area. There will be your good choice if you are big fans of spicy food.

Firstly, bad idea eating with noodles. Secondly, although it is a little spicy, I find that the spices here is a little fake. Can taste the curry paste in the soup / gravy. Thirdly, don't know what is the hype about this place and I don't think this would be original hot pot and honestly, no more second time for me here.

Duckie posted 304 Reviews

My Honeymoon Dessert House

Cuisines Dessert

Overall, I have find that they have improve alot since the first time I went there and now I can look forward to enjoy my Shaved Durian Ice and my Mango desert.

taufulou posted 674 Reviews

Sion (시온)

Cuisines Korean

This restaurant served nice Korean Food.

There were no charges for the banchan, water, service charge and government tax. You could try it out if you’re interested.

wenching_86 posted 208 Reviews