The Cream & Fudge Factory

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Dessert
Business Hour 11 am to 11 pm. Opens Daily.

It does not have a glamorous set up, just like any Ice Cream parlour in the malls- a simple displaying fridge with a couple of tables and some chairs. With 16 flavors in total, one could take some time to decide on what to order (though they do not come cheap), a place where Ice Cream aficionados would not want to miss.

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Honey Creme

Cuisines Dessert
Business Hour 10 am to 10 pm. Opens Daily.

Coffee lovers might want to go for their Affogato (Rm 13.50) or to further garnish with Organic Cotton Candy. The pleasant tartness of the fine coffee counterbalanced the richness and sweetness of the soft serve. However, my favorite of the evening goes to Organic Mixed Grains.

Kenhuntsfood posted 780 Reviews

Sangkaya Gurney

Cuisines Dessert
Business Hour 10AM-10PM

早前一直有人提起神马吸引力法则没想到Sangkaya Gurney Plaza开张第五天我站在前面排队了,哈哈~

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Namoo Korean Dessert Cafe and Bistro

Cuisines Korean Dessert Cafe
Business Hour 10am to 10pm (Weekdays) 10am to 11:30pm (Weekends). Opens daily.

We are the FIRST Korean dessert café in Malaysia serving genuine modern Korean food in bistro style by young and passionate Koreans


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Cuisines Dessert

sadly this shop has close down in Gurney plaza. they really offer good ice ceam

enqvist posted 222 Reviews


Cuisines Dessert
Business Hour 10am to 10pm. Daily.

As a whole, a good place to stop by for a cup of frozen yogurt, mousse, or scones after a hearty meal.

noweating posted 370 Reviews

Boost Juice Bar

Cuisines Dessert

Meet Fresh

Cuisines Dessert
Business Hour 11am to 10pm, Daily.

Signature Herb Jelly - HOT. The grass jelly is too waterish which I don't like but the taro balls are chewy enough and I like.

nickchan posted 94 Reviews

Milkshake Factory

Cuisines Dessert

亲切的服务生一直给我们try看其他不同口味的milkshake,其中有Strawberry还有Oreo Famous Amos Chocolate,这两个口味也很好喝!Strawberry的口味不会太酸或过甜,味道恰恰好。

Sophie Tay posted 69 Reviews

KiwiBerry Frozen Yogurt

Cuisines Dessert

其实每一种口味我都很喜欢,只是Choco Jumbo巧克力口味跟其他家相比之下味道显得比较淡。

Sophie Tay posted 69 Reviews