Eric's Seafood and Steamboat

Cuisines Chinese

Overall I would have to say Eric's Hot Pot maybe better in terms of their vegetables, balls and seafood.

kwong.yong posted 95 Reviews

Sure Pizza

Cuisines Western Pork-free
Business Hour Daily (10am-10pm)

Fish Soup which is a thick broth of spicy chilli tomato garlic, cooked with mussels, clams, prawns, cuttlefish and fish. Though not tasting one bit like soup, this is a must try, as it is delicious, and quite worth the price you pay for - as you get quite a fair bit of seafood.

Sherlynk posted 221 Reviews

Thai Food Stall

Cuisines Thai

The Star had a review on this stall before.

Cengkih Restaurant

Cuisines Malay
Business Hour 10:30 am - 03:30 pm

Desa Sri Hartamas

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 8am till 2pm Mon to Fri (Mostly until run out of mee) Closed On (Sat, Sun and Public Holiday)

All the food here are authentic Penang taste. For example the Lam Mee which is very different from what we have in KL. KL type is a bit starchy and Penang one is in clear soup. The real Penang Lam Mee is cooked in clear prawn soup and eat together with sambal belacan.


Are they still operating there? I really miss the food...

Clover posted

Likemom Cafe

Cuisines Korean
Business Hour Opens daily 11:00 - 19:00

They have assorted flavour like coffee, rosemary, cinnamon, 5 grains and sesame.

Chiariyees posted 197 Reviews


Cuisines Western
Business Hour Open 10am-5pm, closed Sundays

I was too excited with my vege burger that I didn't take any photo of it, except for this fries made of tofu. It's superb! I love it~

Chiariyees posted 197 Reviews

Plaza Damas

Cuisines Siam
Business Hour open daily from 10:30am to 9:30pm

Siam Fair was ongoing there. Generally the food found here are exceptionally delicious


Cuisines Western
Business Hour 10.00am to 9pm daily

Their Pumpkin Soup @ RM11.00 a bowl is quite good though.

applefoo posted 229 Reviews

Fugal Meat Market

Cuisines Western Australian

An Aussie own shop which grilled its meat which is “fed on grain and love”. The food doesnt come fast, but the chef really grills it with love.

I Love Yoo

Cuisines Chinese

I LOVE YOO! - it is very good, and I would highly recommend it! =)

ericyong77 posted 337 Reviews