Layosh Japanese Western Restaurant

Cuisines Western Japanese

It is a nice cozy and romantic little place with great food!

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The Blue Cow Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 8am - 10pm

Situated on the same row as Yoga Zone in Plaza Damas

The Blue Cow Cafe a cafe with a peaceful environment that offers a wide range of menu. Too many choices with too little tummy space!! Shall we revisit for more?

lushia posted 90 Reviews

La Yosh

Cuisines Japanese

I should find my way there soon sometime this week! Can't wait!

WMW posted 287 Reviews

Ichiban Izakaya 一番居酒屋

Cuisines Japanese

I wouldnt mind coming here again, come to think of it, for cousin gathering next round we could try this place as i want a plate of mentaiko on my own!!

neko1712 posted 145 Reviews

HanChon Korean Restaurant

Cuisines Korean

Hanchon is located in the “olden” part of hartamas, just next to Backyard Pub. We are here to try their korean fried chicken.

Fugal Meat Market

Cuisines Western Australian

An Aussie own shop which grilled its meat which is “fed on grain and love”. The food doesnt come fast, but the chef really grills it with love.