Sweet Poems 糖柏府 Dessert House

Cuisines Hong Kong Taiwanese

BEST Mango dessert in Kuala Lumpur! Delivery available for areas around Sg. Wang, Times Square and Imbi Plaza.

Restaurant Sweet Memory

Cuisines Western Hong Kong

Before this it was known as Sweet Talk but after some renovation it has changed its name to Sweet Memory. This place offers commendable service, relaxing ambience, and reasonable pricing.

Restoran Tsim Tung

Cuisines Hong Kong

MPV Seafood Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese Hong Kong

话说回来,这间MPV可贵吃了!好吃是一回事,荷包出血又是另一回事 每次吃完后掏腰包的“老板”看到 单上的数字,眼眉会挑 不是一下。。。是很多下哦!

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回味香 Hui Wei Xiang

Cuisines Hong Kong

We are a Hong Kong Style Restaurant, serving mouth-watering Signature Hong Kong Roast dishes during the day time and the House Specialty Hong Kong Style Steamboat Recipe, as well as other finger licking finger food/ light snacks.