Poppo Kanteen Restaurant

Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 8am – 12am

It is also worth mentioning that Poppo Kanteen was renovated and equipped with recycled materials for that unique atmosphere that does not pander to a certain age group.

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Restoran KTL (啤律)光头佬饭店

Top 500 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 1100-1430/1730-2030 Closed – Tuesdays

Well, KTL is still a recommended place for steam dishes and simple dining, but must emphasize on the salty level when placing your order!

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Ahroy Thai Cuisine

Cuisines Thai
Business Hour 1200-1530 / 1800-2300 (Mon-Fri), 1200-2300 (Sat,Sun & Public Holidays)

If you plan to go for dinner, do go earlier as it can be quite packed during the dinner hours.

Not too expensive considering the good food they served except only for that TOUGH dry curry beef! Should give us a 50% discount or a complimentary dessert for that spoiler! Anyway, recommended and will come back again!

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Neway Karaoke

Cuisines Western Chinese

Cheras Neway in Cheras Plaza which is situated opposite Cheras Leisure Mall. Which could enjoy free flow of drinks; salad buffet and a set lunch and sing for few hours.

Soups are also available! Choices for the day are: ABC soup and the Cream Corn with Crabsticks soup. I had the creamy soup of course! ~yum~ better than the portion that I had at Pizza Hut! hehe.

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Venezia Italian Restaurant

Cuisines Western Italian
Business Hour 12.00pm - 2.30pm 6.00pm - 10.30pm FRIDAYS CLOSED

Venezia, the Italian Restaurant which is owned by Italians which famous with their pasta and pizza. This restaurant serves quite a variety of pizza from thin to thick crust; flavourful pasta and spaghetti from the creamy to cheesilicious to sourish or zest up with tomatoes puree. A cosy, corner shoplot run by an Italian, he is forever busy cooking in front of the big oven.

Unable to compete with the famous Ristorante Porto Romano but overall, I think they are deserved to be given another chance to redeem themselves. Forget their past if they have improved so I hope their regular customers will come back again! All the best, Venezia.

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Dragon Door Steamboat 龍門客棧火鍋店

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 5p.m-12a.m (Weekdays) 3p.m-12a.m (Weekend)

A-La Carte Charcoal Steamboat, Fresh Ingredients With Tasty Soup, Ancient Style With Excellent Environment... Price Reasonable And Worth...Great!!!

Well, it's a nice place, a little bit pricey and confusing that they should have set menu, and I prefer La Mei Zi in Penang.

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Kokoro Japanese Restaurant

Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour 11:30AM - 10:30PM Closed on Friday

Kaiseki Set For Men | 特价RM49.90(原价RM99.90) 这份为男士们精心而设的料理相比下更为丰盛,真的值回票价。

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Life Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Open daily from 11.30am-11.30pm (last order is 11pm).

Life cafe may give me a first impression of unappealing food but when I started to savor it, I find that it's not bad in terms of taste.

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Vietnam Kitchen

Cuisines Vietnamese
Business Hour 11am to 9.45pm daily

The place is beautiful and cosy.The restaurant occupies an open space in the shopping center that is decorated with pretty Vietnamese lamps and plenty of drum lights.


Went there for a family lunch, with plenty of big table. Reasonable food, reasonable price, and good service. Somehow, it just doesn't appeal to me to come back (not my cup of tea). Price: * Vietnam Tea: RM 4.50 * Red Bean Coco: RM 6.90 * Sea Food Noodle: RM 13.90

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Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Cuisines Hong Kong
Business Hour 8am to 2am

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng has brought in a new trademark of great cuisine into Malaysia.

Tempt a tempT BBQ (炭一炭烧烤)

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 10.30am – 10.30pm (全年无休)