Tao Cuisine Japanese Restaurant

Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour Buffet Dinner: two sessions available for buffet dinner; 1st session starts from 5.30pm till 8pm while the 2nd session starts from 8pm till 11pm.

Madam Soon

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11am - 10pm daily

When I entered the joint, I find the deco very familiar, and the blackboard facing the entrance told me why. Even the sign at the entrance showed me why the joint looked exceptionally familiar to me. If you were a frequent visitor to E-Gate, then you may recall a cafe in the past known as The Spring. Madam Soon was, as was stated on the sign at the entrance, a new concept of The Spring, although how it was a new concept was beyond me. The drinks off Madam Soon's menu are the usual variety you get off any other similar cafés, but I do note a few unusual ones. I asked for Blueberry and Lime Crush, which texture resembles ice blend a lot, and is quite sweet. The taste of blueberry is obvious but I did not get any taste of lime; still this is a cooling beverage to satisfy my sweet tooth. If you are not tolerant to sweet stuff, then you can always order something more healthy, like soya milk. Desserts are up for order as well, and there are a variety of them in the menu, which mainly consists of Chinese desserts. My friends got themselves some Peanut Paste, and it really is a paste... The dessert is too thick and viscous, and resembles peanut butter more than dessert. I loved the Braised Garlic Pork Ribs which I ordered for myself. The taste of garlic was mild, but the dish was braised until the pork was soft and chewy, soaking up the sauce and retaining it within. The ribs came with lean and fat portions both, and I enjoyed both parts equally.

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Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant @ Egate

Cuisines Japanese

Pungently spicy soup has satisfied me this spicy lover

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Miss Saigon

Cuisines Vietnamese
Business Hour 11am to 3pm and from 6pm till 11pm daily

Ms. Saigon served a wide variety of salad from mango salad, papaya salad, Ms. Saigon Salad, glass noodle salad to jellyfish salad. Most of their salad taste more to sourly side which is appetizing. There are summer rolls, exotic side, salad, rice noodles and vietnamese sandwiches.

I will pay the restaurant another visit for other dishes.

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Cuisines Japanese
Business Hour 12pm to 2:30pm; 5:30pm to 2am. Daily.

The fried bittergourd with salted egg was good, the pork slices with garlic was good, but the sweet and sour pork and ma po toufu was just not fancy enough. But after all, I kinda enjoyed my lunch at there.

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Subway Sandwiches & Salads

Cuisines Western

Subway sells sandwiches and salads, a healthy alternative to fatty fast food. To date, there are only 6 Subway restaurants in Malaysia, with 5 of them in Kuala Lumpur.

Sushi King

Cuisines Japanese

As a whole, it is good to try Sushi King’s seasonal special.

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