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Mangochaha Malaysia is TAIWAN MANGO DESSERT SHOP using the theme of top quality Irwin mango. We served sensational dessert by using Taiwan top grade Irwin Mangoes. All in fresh mango natural flavour. No additional mango syrup! No Condensed milk!Healthy and Low Calories. Irwin Mangoes emit a fragrance with which no others mango can compete. With fewer fibers and tender fresh. Medium ripe Irwin mango emits a very strong mango fragrance and it is the best ever combination if brought together with ice. We have been known for our strict mango selection policy, and it has made us very famous and growing rapidly in the market. Apart from the Mango selection, we also emphasize on the process of cooking black sugar. Cooking black sugar is not as simple as many people would have thought as it really needed knowhow and some trial and error experience. We spent more than an hour a day to slowly boil the natural black sugar. We will only get the rich taste of natural shinny black sugar until the third time boiling. The perfect combination of our black sugar and ice makes our shaved ice moderately sweet. The Cool refreshing taste of it is self evident when you consume it together with our Taiwan Irwin Mango. Our mangoes are seasoned with top quality organic sea salt from USA, to bring out the essence of Mango flavor. We invite you to Mango ChaCha and indulge yourself with our wonderful selection of Mango Desserts.

Mango Cha Cha is a Taiwanese based Franchised-dessert shop offering a range of Mango Desserts.

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主食熊掌刈包一口咬下时觉得味道有点怪怪的。蛋蛋还特意地把包,鸡肉,酱料分开吃看哪一个地方出错了,才发现原来是全部东西结合的味道不太配。。。汗! 分开吃各个部位的味道ok.

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Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Express 鲜定味台湾快餐

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Guess I’ll not return for more although their sets are quite worth it but tastewise, it’s not too inviting and memorable after all.

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