Steam N Grill Burger Setia Walk

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Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western Burger
Business Hour Tuesdays - Thursdays: 11.30am – 9.30pm Fridays - Sundays: 10 am – 11pm Opens on Holidays Closed on Mondays


Steam N Grill burger 位于蒲种Setiawalk 的一楼,和 Signature Hotel 同一排,从 Brussels 旁边的楼梯上一楼再绕到面向 LDP 大道的店铺就可以看到了。店家在2013年的九月开始营业,原创人是道地的马来西亚人,又在国外生活过一段时间而很有心思地创造出了几款结合了马来西亚独有的本地美食,如麻坡的乌打,关丹的serunding牛肉,沙爹, sambal。。。。。结合不同口味的汉堡与调味料,是不是很特别?

zappalangzpl posted 74 Reviews

Crayon Burger

Cuisines Western Burger

Price is slightly expensive than Carl's Junior but they use quality ingredients and taste good.

Marktham posted 130 Reviews

myBurgerLab Seapark

Top 500 Restaurants in Selangor
Cuisines Western Burger
Business Hour Mon-Fri: 5:00pm till 10:15pm (last call) Sat-Sun: 11:00am till 10:15pm (last call) Closed on first Monday of the month

It was a rainy/ moody day until the burger reaches to my hand. Every bite of the burger I can feel and taste the beef's juicyness spreading all over my taste buds. It was well grilled by the geeks(staff). Despite the beef patties there comes a Grilled Chicken patty out of nowhere it was my very first time ever that I have eaten such JUICY and tender chicken breast meat in my entire life. It is just so freaking delicious. I'll definitely drop by to try out all the burgers on the menu next time!!

richard.t1031 posted

Kaw Kaw Burger Bakar

Cuisines Burger
Business Hour Start taking orders at 7.45pm Up to 3 hours of potential waiting time (off peak hours: 10pm-10.30pm)

Our homemade patties are twice as big and thick as the regular patties in the market. We also use fresh meat to make the patties daily. To ensure the freshness of our burgers, we grill patties that were made a couple of hours before and they are not kept for more than a day. Each burger should only take a minute and 25 seconds to make.


Be prepared for long queues but surely that must be a good sign for good food :)

woovivian posted 16 Reviews