6363 Durian Stall

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Cuisines Fruit

It wouldn’t be fair if I were to compare the ones I bought at Chen Brothers to the ones I had at the durian buffet, considering the differences in price. All I can say is that, if you are looking for good quality D24 durians, go buy them from Chen Brothers. If you have a good appetite for a whole load of D24 durians, go to SK6363.

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Durian King

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Cuisines Fruit
Business Hour Durian Season: 7-8 and 12-1

Famous durian directly from Farm. Website owned by the farmers. Enjoy fresh and good quality of durian with lower price. Pre-order is required.

Ah Joo Durian Stall

Cuisines Fruit
Business Hour 10.00am-12.00am (daily) Delivery: After 5.00pm (weekdays), business hours (weekends)

There are many species of durians available here such as Kor Teh (Bitter Herbal Tea), Kucing Tidur (Sleeping Cat), Susu (Milk), Capri, D15, D2, COB, Ganja (Cannabis), Seven Goddess (七仙女), Bak Ewe (Lard), Ang Hae (Red Prawn), Ooi Keong (Turmeric/Kunyit) and many more.

As a whole, you should pay this stall at least a visit not only for the famous durian genres, but also other delicious tropical fruit.

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Anuar's Durian

Cuisines Fruit

When Anwar opens the durian, Stephanie got shock to see the color of the durian and she tasted the Musang King. She got amazed and really loved it.

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Goh Seng Ewe Cut Fruits

Cuisines Fruit
Business Hour 6.00pm -1.00am

A place where can get Vitamin C from the Cut Fruit stall in the Esplanade food court.

Lebuh Ah Quee Fruit Stall

Cuisines Fruit
Business Hour Daily 10 am to 7pm

Where can you find fresh hand squeezed orange juice double just cost you RM1.20? Here is the place.


Cuisines Fruit
Business Hour Mon-Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm