Private Kitchen 私人厨房

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Business Hour Tue - Sun: 10.30am to 3.00pm & 5.30pm to 10.00pm (Close on Monday)

The kitchen is still helmed by Chef Lam Fai, a native of Hong Kong. So, according to the chef, “Ding Ding” is an area in Hong Kong that’s abundant with freshwater fish, hence the inspiration to use such fish in the steamboat here.

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Low Maji

Cuisines Chinese Steamboat

The shop has very nice design and concept. Their Malak stemboat is rather unique.Overall, it is worth for a try to experience a buffet steamboat that really can numb your tongue and mouth.

A very unique steamboat restaurant serving healthy and nice soup base with half a winter melon in it.

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Bamboo Garden Steamboat Restaurant 竹园私房火锅

Cuisines Steamboat Chinese
Business Hour 6.00pm to 12.00pm

Overall, it was a satisfying dinner and we wouldn’t mind returning to Bamboo Garden again for the fresh ingredients, great chili sauces and friendly service.

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Citarasa Seafood Market Steamboat

Cuisines Steamboat Chinese

Overall, we had a very satisfying meal and our bill comes up to about RM160++ for the four of us. The price is almost equivalent to the price of a steamboat buffet in Kepong but if I were to choose, I would definitely choose Citarasa. The reason is simple, their ingredients are better and fresh.

applefoo posted 229 Reviews

Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese Steamboat
Business Hour Mon - Sun: 5:00 pm - 12:00 am

Yuen Buffet Steamboat Restaurant had been operating from its previous location in Sunway Mentari since 2005 and is relocating to Kelana Jaya in January 2014. Popular for its wide array of steamboat ingredients and its famous ‘Honey’ Chicken Wings, Yuen has managed to capture customers from all walks of life who enjoy a good meal with their family and friends. Yuen will have a refreshing and vibrant look at its new location in ZENITH CORPORATE PARK, KELANA JAYA (behind Paradigm Mall) and rest-assured, we endeavour to continue serving good quality food to all our loyal customers!

Yuen Buffet Steamboat is a eat all you can until you full buffet steamboat. The Buffet Steamboat was actually the pioneer of buffet steamboat in Sunway Mentari years ago but now it has moved to Zenith Corporate Park (behind Paradigm Mall) at Kelana Jaya. The crowd very obvious has become so much lesser compared to the previous location. However the food quality and service standard still maintained as not much different compared to last time. The honey-glazed chicken wing of Yuen Buffet Steamboat is still one of the reason many come to this restaurant. Even though the chicken wings are replenished regularly, they will be gone within minute!


Red Wok Restaurant


Reasonably priced halal chinese and thai dishes. Extensive food & drinks menu.

New High Lite Sea Food Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese Steamboat

The owner was really friendly and we chatted for a while before making a move.

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Hot Lala Steamboat & BBQ Buffet

Business Hour Mon: 5:00 pm - 11:30 pm Wed - Sun: 5:00 pm - 11:30 pm Closed on Tuesday

Hau Xiang Lai Steamboat Restaurant

Cuisines Steamboat Chinese

they serve bak kut teh and dishes by day, and steam boat by night.

Savage Tribe Steamboat & BBQ 野人涮烤

Cuisines Chinese BBQ Steamboat
Business Hour Mon- Sun: 5pm-3pm, 6:00 pm - 12:00 am

Delicious lamb/beef meat BBQ auto-grilling, no smoke, special steamboat set value RM 25 独创360度自动转烤,健康无烟不油腻,烤串从RM1起。特色草原神奇冰火锅,绿色餐饮引领健康时尚潮流

Luck Kee Steamboat (Pulau Ketam Seafood)

Cuisines Chinese Steamboat

Overall, the food is good. One reason I don't prefer steamboat is because they usually will just buy some food from pasar and re-sell it to you... no effort at all, but this one, at least, I can taste there are few items they made it themselves, and the soup also taste nice.

Lin Yuan Steamboat Kitchen

Cuisines Chinese Steamboat
Business Hour 5pm to 12am(Daily)

Lin Yuan is reputable for the freshest seafood brought in from Pulau Ketam everyday and it takes 4 – 5 hours to make the soup base everyday by using tender chicken meat and quality dry seafood, no MSG or preservatives is added in the cooking process.

The Cantonese fried noodle here in Lin Yuan came out to be No. 1 favourite dish among the all dishes we tried.

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Dragon Tiger Gate Charcoal Hotpot 龍虎門

Cuisines Chinese Steamboat
Business Hour Monday – Friday: 5:00pm – 10:30pm Saturday – Sunday: 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Overall, the price is reasonable for the various choices and freshness offered.

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