Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Western
Business Hour 10am-10pm daily


jazz posted 190 Reviews


Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Western
Business Hour 11 am to 9: 30 pm. Opens Daily.

这里的Rib Eye Steak也相当不错绝对值得推荐给喜欢吃牛肉的朋友

jazz posted 190 Reviews

Chateau 33

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Western
Business Hour 12pm - 12am

步入Chateau 33,进入眼帘的都是高级的餐桌,餐具,椅子、地砖还有各种装潢

jazz posted 190 Reviews

Classic Cafe

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 12pm - 10pm

Both of us spent RM8.50 that evening including a soft drink. Seriously, at the price of RM3, we really couldn’t complain much.

noweating posted 370 Reviews

Imperial Chinese Cuisine

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11:30am-10pm ;每天营业

御宝轩除了可以吃到各种宴会配套 平时熟悉的中菜,;还有奢华的美食

jazz posted 190 Reviews

S A Kenari Restaurant

Cuisines Malaysian

SA Kenari in Prangin Mall is a good place to go for lunch. You'll get your food in 5 mins.

Number Two Refreshment Corner

Cuisines Dessert

A small refreshment outlet that sells this chilled soya pudding with a bar counter that sits about five people. It is very cooling, tasty and is one of the smoothest tau fu fah I have tasted so far.

Pizza Hut

Cuisines Western

Home Recipe Food Corner

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 12.00noon – 9.30pm

Home Recipe Food Corner serve set meals with a net price of not more RM14.

Fooyo Fresh Fruity Dessert

Cuisines Dessert
Business Hour 11am to 9pm. Daily.

Fooyo Fresh Fruity Dessert is actually serving fry yogurt or ice vanilla with waffle, they are as well the only one in Penang now to offer such dessert.

enqvist posted 222 Reviews

Little Oasis

Cuisines Asian Fusion
Business Hour 11:30am to 8:30pm, Daily.

Food is not bad, Service is good and price is reasonable. And ample parking spaces in Prangin Mall.

Duckie posted 304 Reviews

JL Gourmet

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 11am to 9pm, Daily.

Price-wise, was just okay, if you opt for the steak or chef's specialties, it will be on the expensive side, but if you choosing the set meal, then its definitely worth the value that you are paying. Service was okay

Kenhuntsfood posted 780 Reviews

Spicez Cafe

Cuisines Japanese

This place however, does steamboat in small portions that even 1 person can have steamboat on his own!!! The steamboat is good too, but the portion is rather small.

Chef Tony's Gourmet Popcorn

Cuisines Western

Chef Tony's Popcorn爆米花为菲​​律宾所创立的爆米花品牌。此品牌爆米花以口味浓郁为其特色,顶极的爆米花,不只在菲律宾为销售No.1,在进军新加坡及马来西亚后也是造成大热卖。

Sophie Tay posted 69 Reviews

Prangin Mall Pasembur

Cuisines Chinese

Pasembur is one of the yummy food to have for snacks at late afternoon and anytime.