Toh Soon Cafe 多春茶座

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 8am to 6pm (Closed on Sundays)

This place is suitable for breakfast and also tea time. This is one of the gem in Penang Island. It’s just a simple stall located at a small alley in Campbell Street but it’s always crowded with people. The coffee is the famous item in this cafe too, do order a cup if you drop by this cafe.

Love the simplicity here!. Simple food for simple people like us! hehehehe...

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The Safe Room

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Business Hour Tue - Thu: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm Fri - Sat: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am Sun: 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm Closed on Monday

lThe Safe Room is a café with liquid nitrogen dessert, coffee and pastry located in Penang UNESCO area which has a LOVE LOCK tree in the vault.

The cafe has a very cozy setting but the lack of air-conditioners could vex the heat-intolerant.

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Lollipop Ropitiam

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Western
Business Hour 8am-5pm 星期一休息

Here's the location.


Moustache Houze

Top 500 Restaurants in Penang
Cuisines Western Coffee Cake Cafe
Business Hour Mon - Sun: 12:00 pm - 12:00 am

和死党们相聚,我们就这样坐在那个房间里, 很舒适的闲话家常。 虽然价钱偏高, 可是在小厢房里相聚, 倒是个不错的经验。

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Hong Kee Wan Thun Mee 鴻记廣式竹昇运吞麵

Cuisines Chinese Noodle
Business Hour 9am - 10pm

The BBQ Pork Shrimp Wan Thun Mee is a big hit with diners. A small serving priced at RM6 had the noodles served in light black sauce with slices of barbeque pork, three wan thuns and vegetables. For a little extra spicy kick, add on condiments of pickled green chilies in soy sauce.

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Delight Delicatessen

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 12pm - 930pm (星期二休息)


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Kim Haus

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 11 am to 2:30 pm; 6 pm to 10:30 pm. Opens Daily.

On one corner of the cafe is a small bakery that sells their daily fresh bakes which span across some loaves (Low GI/ Multi-Grain/ Rye), Scottish Scones and Danish Pastries etc. They are freshly baked on a daily basis but the best time to visit would probably be some time before lunch (noon would be ideal), the time when the bread and pastries are fresh out of the oven.

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ll Bacaro

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Open Monday to Tuesday – 11.00am -10.30pm ; Wednesday-11.00am -3.00pm Thursday to Sunday - 11.00am - 10.30am

I liked this dish very much especially when eating it with the sauce called Arrabiata. Fried Zucchinis and the tenderness of chicken was delightful.

mytold posted 60 Reviews

Yee Heong Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 8am till 10pm Closed on Sunday

Yee Heong Restaurant is a great place to enjoy a Chinese meal. It is one of the Chinese restaurants in Campbell Street, Georgetown that not only serves dim sum for breakfast but also Chu Char for lunch and dinner.

I like the food here. Pricing is reasonable & parking of cars is easy during night time.

hAppYHapPy posted 740 Reviews

Sugar Honey

Cuisines Western Cafe
Business Hour Monday to Thursday: 12pm to 10pm Friday to Sunday: 12pm to 12am Closed on Tuesdays

服务生续介绍他们的second best seller就是Earl Grey Tea蛋糕,满特别的口味,但我点了比较冷门的Crepe Cake Heritage Cendol,服务生告知仅此这家有售卖Cendol千层糕。

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Thou Yuen Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

I took one bite...and another bite. No feeling pun. The word 'sedap' never crossed my mind at all and I did not like its pastry base.

jianmy posted 67 Reviews

Midland Kitchen (美蘭閣厨房)

Cuisines Chinese

Anyway, will try some other dishes next time on my next visit. It's not really awesome, but I'll give it another opportunity.

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Kantan Cafe/ Kafe (簡単)

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 10am to 10pm for Sunday to Thursday; 10am to Late (Could be 12am/ 1am) on Friday and Saturday. Closed on every Monday.

As compared to many of its competitors, their menu is quite extensive with many reasonably priced choices covering Mains, Snacks, Desserts and Beverages.

Kenhuntsfood posted 780 Reviews