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Penang, Malaysia
jianmy reviewed Lang Sae Lee Thai Food @ Tan Jetty

Expensive? I don't think we can get authentic Thai Food at that price with that kind of sea view.
jianmy reviewed Viva Dim Sum Delight (东城点心) @ Jalan Tanjong Tokong

Quite pricey but with the food standard its forgive-able. Okay maybe I am bias because they have my favourite custard buns.
jianmy reviewed Tree Monkey @ Teluk Bahang

Great outing indeed. It was like a gathering with a lot of catching up. Absolutely great way to end my weekend.
jianmy reviewed Edo Ichi Japanese Cuisine 江戸一 @ Tanjong Tokong

Live oysters leh...must try one day...All seafood is ensured fresh because after 3 days they would get rid of them. Oysters won't be alive too long either.
jianmy reviewed Laksa Kelang Lama @ Kulim

After slurping off a bowl of laksa, you can chill down with a bowl of ais kacang. Ice shaving was very fine which literally melts before its even in your mouth.
jianmy reviewed Kulim Noodle Station @ Landmark Central Shopping Centre

However, its a decent halal place for everyone to get together. With their extensive drinks menu, now I have another place to suggest when meeting up with my Muslim friends.
jianmy reviewed Kulim Noodle Station @ Landmark Central Shopping Centre

Little did I know Noodle Station originates from Kelantan. Yupz...It's the same outlet as the one at E-Gate, Penang Island. Kulim outlet just open this year.
jianmy reviewed Gelatissimo @ Gurney Plaza

The espresso was rich and aromatic. Although it came in powdered form, the taste was pleasant and smooth.
jianmy reviewed Vintage Bulgaria Restaurant & Bar @ Tanjung Bungah

Hohoho after this meal and the lunch, I was cholesterol and meat overdosed : P
jianmy reviewed Gelatissimo @ Gurney Plaza

My favorite has to be the Cream Cheese Mousse Cake. A simple layer of fresh cream was spread on top decorated with fresh strawberries.
jianmy reviewed 75 Celcius Restaurant and Bar @ Persiaran Gurney

Night time would be better to hang out with friends especially the loud speaking ones since its outdoor.