Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

Cuisines Japanese

Bento set meals with choice of a la carte dishes, shame of the awful service.

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Spring Garden KLCC

Cuisines Western

Lot 413, 4th Floor Suria KLCC Kuala Lumpur

have to admit that the food was more than decent as all four dishes we had were well executed. But prices may be on the high side and it'll be even pricier if we take the portion size into consideration. We ordered two portions for each of our dishes but the portion size actually seems more like one portion (when compared to other places)...hehe! ;D So, if you're a small-eater or someone who loves petite portions, then the food here could be just right for you. For me, it's one of those 'once in a long while' places to visit :)

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Cuisines Western

After all, with its boozing atmosphere, Malones is definitely a cool bar for a quick pint after work or a get together with friends. A place to be for some good old-fashioned Irish food and of course drinks to chill.

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Vienna Soft Fresh Bagels

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 8:30am - 10 pm (Daily)

喜欢舒芙蕾浓郁的蛋香味,吃下的每一口都让嘴里充斥了我最喜爱的蛋香, 这也是我为什么喜欢Café Vienna的舒芙蕾。

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O'Coffee Club Express

Cuisines Western
Business Hour 10am - 10pm

Overall Rating: 6/10. Upgraded because of the overall dishes ordered was satisfactory. Their new layout of the seating arrangements gave the place a bit of a spacious boost. Downgraded because of the affordability factor and I still insist that the food is still pretty standard.

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Tong Pak Fu

Cuisines Chinese

Overall Rating: 7/10 for the D24 and Traka. Touted as one the best snow ice dessert places around town, Tong Pak Fu is centered in most major shopping malls. That said, I still favor the mango desserts in Honeymoon, will do a review on it soon.

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Bakin Boys

Cuisines Western

Bakin Boys offer a variety of soft cookies that kind of melt in your mouth.

I tried their muffins, lovely but not as "yummieh" as cookies ;) Look at the "muffin top", gosh!

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