Just Want Cafe

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Cuisines Cafe

I couldn't say all the foods are perfectly excellent, however due to the choices of beverages and food are limited, the quality of which are well-controlled. We look forward to visit their next concept cafe soon.

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The Brew Orchestra

Top 50 Restaurants in Johor
Cuisines Cafe
Business Hour 10am-10pm (Sun-Mon), 10am-12am (Fri & Sat)


这家的老板是Q Grader 的专业咖啡师。老板之前在韩国学做咖啡,这次回来开店算是凯旋归来吧。带了一身技巧和咖啡知识,顺便也把一位韩国女咖啡师也一起带回来了。 店里有位高挑的韩国小姐,说着流利的韩语(废话),笑容和蔼,技术也是一流。

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Seven Oaks Bakery Cafe

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Cuisines Western Bakery Cafe

这里的饮料价钱不算便宜,而且我觉得味道so so..食物方面,坦白说,我不会想再来吃。不过面包和蛋糕的话,会再尝试看看~

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