Kechara Oasis

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour 11am – 3pm, 6pm – 10pm

As for beverage, the Cold Pressed Fruit Juices are highly recommended, especially the Rejuvenating Boosters which has a blend of apples, lemons and oranges. I don’t usually rave about a fruit juice, but this was really well concocted and it was truly refreshing and amazing to drink.

vkeong posted 879 Reviews

Restaurant Hung Kee

Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour opens for lunch and dinner

Hung Kee is a very ancient looking shop that is famed for their springy wanton noodles.

Wan Tan Mee seems to be the most popular dish here.

hAppYHapPy posted 740 Reviews

Kim Lian Kee

Cuisines Chinese

Overpriced and over-rated. Definitely not worth your time or money unless it's just to sate your curiosity as to how good Kim Lian Kee Noodles actually taste. But then, you know what they say about curiosity.

jmloke posted 8 Reviews

Yashiki Yakitori Bar

Cuisines Japanese

Tel: 03-27880672 Set Lunch for RM18++

Yashiki is famed for its Kushiyaki.

missyblurkit posted 266 Reviews

Restaurant Hong Kee

Cuisines chinese

This shop serves not only noodles but also rice, and you can order dishes and soups if you wish. Everything RAWKS! A must try for Food Lovers!!!! Their noodles deserved to be one of the best in KL (because hardly see any good around).

Son Wun Nam Restaurant

Cuisines Chinese

Tomyam Stall

Cuisines Thai

The tomyam stall is owned by a real Thai. The soup is really delicious and spicy enough.

Bread & Butter

Cuisines Western
Business Hour Monday to Sunday 10.00a.m. to 10.00p.m

FYI, parking at Viva Home is still for free currently. Not really sure how long will it stays that way. What I love about this restaurant is they are trying to bring out another experience for you to taste a bread. Truly amazing.

Pas De Nom posted 471 Reviews

Nolita Caffetteria

Cuisines Western

Best of all, I like their Frozen Yogurt is import from US and its fat-free and great for the stomach as its full with probiotic content. I certainly prefer this over Tutti Frutti.

taufulou posted 674 Reviews

Nolita Caffetteria

Cuisines Western

NoLita is a neighbourhood in Manhattan and basically stands for North of Little Italy.

missyblurkit posted 266 Reviews


Cuisines Chinese
Business Hour Daily from 10am - 10pm

My personal view of its are this beverage are not so sweet (100%), But its may adjust according to personal need for the beverage sweetness, and i like to have a little chewing of jelly on the cup. YUM

nikelkhor posted 486 Reviews