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"Eat healthy at KimchiHaru" KimchiHaru uses one and only 'VEGETABLE BROTH" made from 12 fruits and vegetables for seasoning. NO ARTIFICIAL FOOD ENHANCER (MSG) is used in our cooking.


I love bibimbap and enjoy use free wifi! You can choose which is one; Pork, chicken or beef. It is delicious bibimbap! :)

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Munich Gastro Bierhaus

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Business Hour Open Daily: 11.00 am – 1.00 am

Stepping out from the shop, we were kind of regretted. We should have tasted the famous pork knuckle first instead, because Munich is giving us a bad impression already and we think that we might think twice again before going back for their pork knuckle.

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Papparich Group was established in 2005 with its 1st outlet in Selayang Mall. Today PappaRich has grown extensively and with a total of 50 outlets nationwide and continuously growing rapidly. We are emerging as a formidable player in the local food and beverage chain. The popularity of lifestyle Malaysian Delights outlets is attributed largely to the introduction of its high quality food offering.


PappaRich does have a few good dishes under its sleeve: Instant Noodle (the soup taste good), Organic Soya Milk (expensive, but a healthy alternative to coffee and tea), fried Kway Teow, and good variety of vegetation dishes. This Puchong Jaya's branch service is much better than the Bandar Puteri ones; perhaps the owner/manager do swing in once in a while, especially on weekends. Kudos! Prices: * Instand Noodle: RM 6.90 * Soyamilk Pudding + Cincau: RM 6.80 * Soyamilk Tong Yun: RM 5.50 * Steam Roti with Butter and Kaya: RM 4.20

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